Lowering Costs through the c3 Experience

At c3controls, our sales team works with customers every day to bring the best industrial control solutions to their machines and processes. A big part of our job is to inform and educate them on our products and the value they bring to OEM businesses, from quality and reliability to cost efficiencies. All of these are important to our customers.

Quality and reliability are guaranteed through our limited Lifetime Warranty, a unique offering in the industry only offered by c3controls. Cost efficiencies are offered through a variety of our value propositions but may extend further than what meets the eye. And we are always excited to share with new and existing customers all the additional ways their bottom line benefits from the overall c3 experience.

Our business model – the foundation of c3controls value

We discuss with our customers how c3’s vertically-integrated business model puts us in control over everything from design, materials, and manufacturing to sales and support. This control allows us to optimize all aspects from both a quality and cost perspective. Looking at cost, Everything Under Control translates to approximately 15% cost savings in manufacturing and up to 25% cost savings in the value chain. When we pass these savings along to our customers, they get the advantage of guaranteed superior quality controls at 40%+ less cost. That’s Advantage Pricing.

But there’s more to cost-savings than just pricing.

There are a few gems that reside a little deeper in c3’s value propositions that I always bring to customers’ attention because they offer indirect, yet significant, cost-savings through time and inventory. And we all know that time is money and inventory is cash flow. So, let’s take a look. 

Product Portfolio — 15 million+ product configurations

In customer conversations, I am often introducing folks to the fact that we have an extensive product portfolio here at c3controls. In fact, we offer 15 million+ product configurations. What this means for any OEM buying industrial controls is that they can fulfill all their control panel needs through c3 with a single purchase order.

This also means that instead of talking with multiple contacts across multiple companies, they can enjoy having one point of contact. And that contact is going to know them, understand their needs, have a depth of knowledge about each product in the Bill of Materials, and be fully prepared to offer the best solution.

There are post-order benefits as well. For example, order tracking is easier when it only requires only one call to one company. Support is streamlined and reliable as it’s provided by a contact who directly supplies and understands all the components in your control panel.

Reduced Inventory

Inventory is a concern for just about every company. But not everyone knows how c3 can help them reduce inventory, mainly through our Same-Day Shipping Guarantee. Because of our vertically-integrated manufacturing model discussed earlier, we are able to offer same-day shipping for all standard items ordered by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time. This means customers can rely on getting what they need when they need it, reducing their need to stockpile additional inventory for fear of lags in delivery time.

Additionally, when we deliver our customers’ controls products as quickly as we do, it allows them to maintain a more efficient production schedule and to provide timely delivery of their machines to their customers.

These are key to keeping cash flow moving.

World-Class Service and Free Product Trial

At c3, we empower our customers to order confidently and efficiently. We do this by providing world-class customer service through direct dialogue. So, any questions about products, applications, or follow-up on the order and fulfillment process are made faster and easier.

As we work directly with customers to understand their needs and provide product recommendations to meet those needs, we are also able to offer free samples of a variety of products to ensure satisfaction before an investment is made.

These offerings save time and money by streamlining orders and by reducing returns and complexities.

The bottom line is that the extraordinary quality, value, and cost savings that we provide help make c3controls the industrial controls supplier of choice for OEMs.