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Our complete range of Series 300 Non-Reversing and Series 310 Reversing Contactors share common accessories including single circuit front mounted auxiliary contacts, two circuit side mounted auxiliary contacts, a single electrical/mechanical or mechanical interlock, and coil mounted surge suppressors. Designing starter assemblies and panels is easy, you don’t have to remember which auxiliary is required for each contactor, they all work together. Installation is easy too. Once you learn how to install each accessory, it’s always the same no matter what contactor it’s being installed on.

Note: Side mounted auxiliary contacts 300-SSA11X, 300-SSA20X & 300-SSA02X are for use with 300-SSA11 or 300-SSA20 when more than one side mounted auxiliary contact module is installed on the same side of the contactor.

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  • Snap-on front mounted and side mounted auxiliary contacts install without the use of tools for lower installed costs.
  • Side mounted auxiliaries and interlocks are now 9mm wide and install without the use of tools onto Series 300 Contactors, reducing panel footprint and simplifying installation.
  • Power wiring modules provide reliable, rigid interconnections between the forward and reverse contactors.
  • Contact kits include six stationary contacts, three moving contacts and miscellaneous parts.

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