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c3controls’ Series 310 Reversing Contactors are ideal for reversing motors in applications where panel space is at a premium and device modularity is required to satisfy virtually any application requirement.

Product Features

  • Available in four frame sizes for devices rated from (AC-3) 9A-80A, directly interchangeable with other manufacturers.
  • High fault short circuit current rating of 100kA@480V and 600V with Class J fuses.
  • Integral auxiliary contacts, 3 power poles + 1 auxiliary, are standard on all c3 9A-25A contactors.
  • Wide variety of AC and DC operating coils. Our 50A-80A DC operated devices feature electronic coil control.
  • Power wiring modules provide reliable, rigid interconnections between the forward and reverse contactors.
  • Single, side mounted electrical and mechanical or mechanical only interlock will not increase the depth of the contactor and does not prevent front mounted auxiliary contacts from being added.
  • Contactors are secured together with a dovetail bracket that installs from the bottom of the contactor so it can’t fall out when it is installed on a DIN rail or panel.
  • Modular design allows easy installation of Series 320 Overload Relays and Series 330 Motor Protection Circuit Breakers and accessories.

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