Electronic Timing Relays : 22.5mm : Star (Wye) Delta

c3controls’ electronic timing relays offer maximum functionality and timing ranges in a compact, 22.5mm wide housing. Our 22.5mm Star (Wye) Delta relay is an ideal solution for more complex applications. UL approved and CE marked, making them suitable for use in global applications.

Product Features

  • Compact design, only 22.5mm wide, smaller than most commonly available timing relays.
  • Single-function Star-Delta (Wye-Delta) operating mode.
  • Fixed voltage ranges in 110V (50Hz) / 120V (60Hz), 230V (50Hz) / 240V (60Hz), and 400-415V (50Hz).
  • Settable timing ranges for both Starting Time (30 / 60 seconds) and Changeover Time (50 / 100 milli-seconds).
  • 1 SPDT (1 Changeover) for Star (Wye) and 1 SPDT (1Changeover) for Delta hard contact for switching AC (5A @ 250V) and DC (5A @ 24V) loads.
  • Repeat tripping accuracy of 0.5% for precise control application performance.
  • LED indication of Power On and Relay On for fast and easy troubleshooting.
  • Can be installed on 35mm DIN rail or panel mounted for reduced installation time.

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