General Purpose Relays : Square Base (Industrial)

c3controls’ square base relays are perfect for your control logic applications. They are 100% tested to ensure performance to specification and feature low coil consumption to minimize transformer and power supply requirements. Quick and economical to install, our relays allow for easy maintenance and assembly. Our general purpose relays meet UL and IEC standards requirements making them suitable for use in global applications.

Product Features

  • Pole combinations available in DPDT and 3PDT with a carrying current rating of 13A-25A.
  • Operating coil voltage options in 24-240V AC and 24-110V DC.
  • Optional indicating light (red for AC / green for DC) & mechanical actuator.
  • Transparent housing to visually monitor switching operations and contact condition.
  • Tape wound coils are marked with the coil voltage for easy identification.
  • AgNi contacts are cadmium free and environmentally friendly.
  • Schematic diagram and terminal markings on the relay for easy reference during installation.
  • Note: Relays available in convenient multi-packs, consult factory.

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