Overload Relays : Bimetallic

Need reliable, accurate overload and phase-loss protection for your motors? C3controls’ Series 320 Overload Relays provide unmatched protection and can be directly installed on all Series 300 Contactors, saving you time and panel space.

Product Features

  • Available in five frame sizes with a current adjustment range of 0.28-112A.
  • High fault short circuit current rating of 100kA@480V and 600V with Class J fuses.
  • Full load current adjustment ration of approx. 1:1.5 enables relay to be set to exact FLA of motor.
  • Single phase sensitivity to protect motors against damaging phase loss conditions.
  • Manual or automatic reset and test modes, and stop button all in a single device.
  • Visible trip indication and test function standard on all c3controls Series 320 Overload Relays.
  • Thermal Trip Class 10 overload protection, trips within 10 seconds when carrying a current of 720%.
  • Ambient temperature compensation ensures reliable motor protection even in high temperature environments.
  • Direct mounting to all c3 contactors, miniature and standard.

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