Pilot Devices : 22mm IEC : Pilot Lights : Multi-Voltage, Relampable

Our state-of-the-art relampable multi-voltage light modules have a unique design that allows the bulb to be easily changed from the front of the panel, and with the ability to operate at any voltage from 20V to 277V AC or DC, these light modules save you in both installation time and costs.

Product Features

  • LEDs and printed circuit boards allow you to operate this light at any voltage from 20V-277V AC or DC without losing intensity.
  • Compact size, assumes the lead in the industry with the shortest depth behind the panel of any U.S. manufacturer.
  • Low power consumption energy saving design.
  • Can be used with our 22mm IEC modular pilot lights, illuminated push buttons, push-to-test lights, and illuminated selector switches.
  • LED lamps provide leakage protection and are available in six colors.
  • Bipolar design means functionality is independent of which lead is connected to each terminal.
  • When used with our illuminated pilot devices, our rugged LexanTM lenses provide better visibility and can resist high impact for reliable performance, even in high ambient temperatures.
  • When used with our illuminated pilot devices, our seal is infused with a coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions, and acts as a light reflector because it is white which increases light output and improves visibility from all angles.
  • Heavy-duty polyester construction for excellent durability, superior corrosion resistance, moisture rejection, and electrical insulation.
  • Captive IP20 guarded terminals to prevent accidental contact with live parts.
  • An optional flashing unit is available.

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