Pilot Devices : 22mm IEC : Push Buttons : Maintained, Non-Illuminated, Push-Twist-Release

Rugged design ensures reliable operation in emergency stop applications, providing safe interruption of circuits. Manufactured with industrial grade plastics for strength and less weight, and we use metal where it matters. The tough polyester construction provides electrical insulation, resists corrosion, and rejects moisture. Operators conveniently mount in a round 22.5mm hole that is directly interchangeable with competitors units and eliminates the labor required for notching. All c3controls 22mm IEC operators are UL Listed and CE marked and are rated Type 4/4X as standard for watertight and corrosion resistance. In addition, operators are also listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 12, 13 and IP66 applications, and meet global standards requirements

Product Features

  • The linear push-off twist-to-release style operator requires a “twist” for the “out” or “on” position and a linear “push” for the “in” or “off” position. The twist mushroom cap is marked with arrows identifying the direction for the twist release.
  • Available in two styles: 40mm mushroom cap or 60mm jumbo mushroom cap.
  • Meets EN418 Standards for “Safety of Machinery”. Note: A yellow housing with a red mushroom cap must be used.
  • Cone shaped head with knurls fit easily into your hand for a comfortable operation.
  • Ergonomically designed red mushroom cap with molded bold white arrows (black arrows on yellow and white caps) for quick identification and ease of control.
  • Trigger action function – operator requires dedicated push action to operate contacts, eliminating accidental operation and meeting global standards.
  • Latching mechanism which is activated when the actuator of the device is depressed to a certain point and the contacts open.
  • The anti-teasing function guarantees the contacts will remain open until a person manually intervenes and releases the actuator.
  • The direct drive design mechanically links the mushroom cap operator and contacts to drive the electrical contacts open. The trigger action make the emergency stop operator more than a push button.
  • Our snap-on contact blocks are color coded for quick circuit identification and feature 35° angled captive terminal screws and self-lifting pressure plates for fast and easy wiring.
  • Contact blocks can be stacked 2 deep and up to 3 across for a total of 6 circuits.
  • Spring loaded latch allows for easy installation and wiring for up to three contact blocks across.
  • Note: Contact block configurations are based on circuit designation. If only two contact blocks are selected, they will be assembled in the left and right positions.

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