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Leading the industry with the widest range of factory sealed contact blocks featuring convenient snap-on secured assembly, saving valuable time and money. For added security, all H-Line operators come standard with a screw-tightening mounting bracket to ensure the contact blocks remain snug to the operator.

Product Features

  • Specially engineered for Class 1, Division 2 and Zone 2 in NO/NC configurations for use with both linear and rotary selector devices.
  • A600 Rating Designation, 10A Continuous @ 600V AC (Thermal), 7200 VA (Make), and 720 VA (Break), P300 DC, 250V DC Max., 138 VA Make and Break.
  • Manufactured with all stainless steel hardware, excellent for harsh environments and for 100% reliability.
  • Additional features include: Glass reinforced thermoplastic body, Fine silver contacts, Stainless steel bushing, terminal screws & shaft, Nickel-plated terminals, and Stainless steel overtravel spring & kickout spring.

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