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  • Clamp Ring Wrench – to simplify tightening and loosening of standard polyester and aluminum 1-3/8 inch octagonal clamp rings. Won’t scratch your lens or panel.
  • Extended Clamp Rings – we offer four types to guard against accidental operation. Use our Extended Clamp Rings (ECR or AECR) with flush caps, our Clear Guarded Clamp Ring (EECR) with illuminated push buttons and our Large Extended Clamp Ring (LECR) with flush or extended caps, which also provides easier access to your push buttons.
  • Guard Attachment – Our PPGD guards against accidental operation and is made of a high strength polyester material.
  • Hole Plug – use to seal unused panel holes. Our hole plug comes with additional sealing panel gaskets to ease installation and is rated Type 4X.
  • IP20 Terminal Guards – must be installed before wiring and can be used with our Series WTB2 markers. Can be ordered separately as an accessory or factory installed providing the convenience of a single catalog number. For factory installed guards refer to the appropriate operator configuration.
  • Lamp Removal Tool – used to facilitate the removal of lamps particularly in illuminated operators.
  • Lock Off Attachments – we offer a wide variety of 30mm corrosive resistant lock-off attachments for maintained and momentary push buttons and selector switches. Our LOAX, LOAM and LOAP lock-offs permit locking operators in the depressed position. Our LOAFC lock-off covers and locks the operator so its position cannot be changed and features a 1/4 inch dia. padlocking hasp.
  • Mechanical Interlock – features a 2 inch center and can be used to interlock two adjacent operators. May also be used to interlock a two-unit maintained/momentary assembly. Factory installation recommended.
  • Panel Gaskets – are supplied to accommodate different panel thicknesses. Constructed of neoprene for long life and low compression set and provide a watertight seal. In order to meet Type 4/4X, at least one 1/16 inch gasket must be used. Note: All c3 30mm operators are provided with gaskets.
  • Push Maintained Flush & Extended Caps – use with a secondary standard cap and mechanical interlock to provide two button momentary/maintained operation or use on adjacent operators with mechanical interlock to provide two-button maintained/maintained operation.
  • Thrust & Trim Washers – anti-rotation device for use with 30mm operators to provide additional protection from rotation and aid in alignment. This product is optional with c3 gasket technology.

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