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Our standard contact blocks are stackable 4 deep and up to 2 across on most operators for a total of 8 circuits per operator. They are color-coded for instant circuit identification to minimize wiring errors and to speed the wiring process. You can combine contact block types to achieve your desired function.

Product Features

  • Color-coded body for quick circuit identification (green=NO, red=NC, white=EM, black=DB).
  • Clear V0 plastic covers resist combustion and aid in visual confirmation of circuit configuration.
  • Stackable 4 deep and up to 2 across providing a total of 8 circuits per operator in any combination.
  • Vibration resistant snap-on assembly and 35 degree angled captive terminals provides the ability to wire the contact blocks outside the tight space of the control panel.
  • Built-in self-wiping cleaning action and high point contact pressure for low-level switching. Silver contact rivets provide long life in normal control circuits.
  • Self-lubricating thermoplastic stroker prevents sticking and corrosive build-up.
  • Gold plated contacts are available on standard blocks for dry circuit applications. The cover will be gold (amber) in place of clear.
  • Optional IP20 terminal guards can be ordered separately as an accessory or factory assembled.

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