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c3controls’ keyed selector switches offer multiple functions in a single device eliminating the need to install separate devices with individual functions based on contact block configuration. All operators feature polyester housings and all locks are premium quality brass for superior corrosion resistance. Keys are made of extra heavy brass for long life. Our keyed selector switches are UL Listed and are rated Type 4/4X as standard. In addition, operators are also listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 12 and 13, and meet global standards requirements.

Product Features

  • Need help configuring your selector switch? Click here.
  • Operator functions available in 2-, 3-, & 4-position in both maintained and spring return.
  • Single cam design ensures 100% cam selection configuration accuracy.
  • Our snap-on contact blocks are color coded for quick circuit identification and feature 35° angled captive terminal screws and self-lifting pressure plates for fast and easy wiring.
  • Add-on contact blocks can be stacked 4 deep and up to 2 across for a total of 8 circuits per operator.
  • #6 terminal screws with self-lifting captive wire clamps accommodate #22 through two #12 AWG wires (0.5-4mm2) per terminal.
  • All frictional parts are molded with an internal self-lubricant to provide outstanding wear without troublesome greases used by others.
  • Our revolutionary U-Cup seal is infused with a Teflon coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Note: When choosing the IP20 Guard option, in order to achieve IP20 protection a terminal guard must be assembled on each contact block configuration.
  • For alternate key combinations, master keys, and extra or replacement keys consult factory.

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