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Product Features

  • Alternate Action Block – snap-on and mount in position of a standard contact block to provide alternate “push-on/push-off” contact action. It may be used with any momentary push button. Comes standard using an early-make contact block.
  • Cable Pull Operators – our unique low-energy cable pull operators are available in four styles and are UL Listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 4/4X, 12 and 13. They are reverse spring biased to hold contact blocks in the operated position until a force is applied to the included eyebolt. Contact operation is opposite of normal (i.e., CBNO is held closed and opens only when the eyebolt is pulled). Units are available with or without contact blocks and can be supplied in Type 4X surface mounting enclosures as a custom order.
  • Reset Push Button – mounts in a standard 1-13/64 inch hole and accepts either 20 hex head bolts or 20 thread rod to provide adjustable extension and save on all rod cutting and fitting labor. Universal styles include two bolts to cover 1-inch to 3-inch space from cover to overload reset rod. Rated Type 4/4X.
  • Wobble Stick – primarily designed for use with pendant stations, may be mounted in oil tight or watertight stations. The unit has spring return action to center and may be operated from any angle. Rated Type 4/4X. Note: Our wobble stick is a linear device similar to a push button. It is not a joystick or directional.

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