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Marking strips can be custom printed providing unique markers for any application. Note: There is an $18 set-up fee for c3controls to print custom markers. Submit an Excel file, text file, database file, or CAE/CAD file using your purchase order as the name of the file with the file type extension. Excel files should be sent to customerfirst@c3controls.com. If you do not have a file to submit and would prefer c3controls to create the marker file for you, then there is a $50 fee which includes the printing.

For complete details on custom printing & set-up fees, custom marker strips, and the quick marker strip product guide click here.

Product Features

  • Large marking strip for use with HDTB-4, HDTB-6 and HDTB-12 that can be hand marked or custom printed.
  • 10 pieces per package.
  • Alpha and numeric characters and symbols can be printed on the markers.
  • Printing available in both uppercase and lowercase.
  • Orientation options in horizontal and vertical.
  • An entire strip of markers can be installed at the same time without having to separate the markers.

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