Terminal Blocks : IEC Screw Clamp Connection : Multi-Conductor

c3controls multi-conductor screw clamp terminal blocks offer a reliable solution for multiple wire connections. The terminal eliminates conventional cross connections, looping wires and reliability problems encountered when connecting two wires in one clamp. The terminals provide multiple connection points in the terminal itself, and the possibility of further multiplication of connections with circuit bridges. The multi-conductor terminal blocks can even be bridged to standard feed-through screw clamp terminal blocks of the same conductor size.

Product Features

  • Standard grey thermoplastic housing in 6mm and available in 32A or 35A.
  • WTB2-W4-12 features one termination point on one side and two termination points on the other side.
  • WTB2-W4-22 has two termination points on each side. Bridging facility is at the center of the terminals.
  • Mounting foot designed for “snap-on”, “snap-off” assembly allows for direct mounting on 32mm and 35mm DIN rails.
  • The funnel entry design makes wiring easy and accepts wires as small as 0.5mm2 (24 AWG) and as large as 120mm2 (4/0 AWG).
  • Marking system allows for fast and easy circuit identification. Blank, custom, and standard markers are available.
  • Designed to meet the strict specifications and standards of UL and IEC.

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