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Note: When configuring a Wire Retainer, the *** in the description represent the dimension duct code.

Product Features

  • Cable Tie Attachment (universal) – are anchors that can be used when cable ties are used to bundle a number of wires inside the duct. Installs easily with a straight blade screwdriver. Twists into place and holds securely into the bottom of the duct. Single, universal attachment for all sizes of duct.
  • Mounting Clips – provide an easy method for installing wiring duct on a 35mm DIN rail. Simply snap the mounting clip on the DIN rail and secure the wiring duct to the mounting clip.
  • Mounting Insert (universal) – used to install smaller sizes of wire duct inside larger sizes of duct, for separation of electrical circuits. Installs easily with a straight blade screwdriver. Twists into place and holds securely. Single, universal insert for all sizes of duct.
  • Name Plates – provide a simple means of identifying circuits, groups of wires, sections of control panels, or wiring for different machines. Includes a paper label and clear protective label cover. Simply snaps into the duct slot.
  • Nylon Rivets – are used to install wiring duct to any panel or mounting surface. Simply pushes into the duct slot.
  • Wire Retainers – hold wires in place inside the duct during initial wiring/installation activities or during maintenance/alteration activities. Wire retainers prevent loose wires or wire bundles from falling out of the duct when the duct cover is removed. Simply snaps on the duct finger.

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