Switchgear Challenges

Switchgear plays a vital role in industrial and commercial settings to control, protect, and isolate high voltage electrical equipment. In addition to de-energizing equipment to allow work to be done or to clear faults downstream, switchgear automatically disconnects or “trips“ the power in the event of an overload, preventing catastrophic damage to valuable equipment and infrastructure elements. Switchgear is also commonly used to route electricity to different subsystems and machines within a facility and to meter electricity use to support cost control measures.

The technology has been in existence almost as long as electricity, and with several significant recent advancements in switchgear engineering, the demand for new units is as strong today as ever. There is, however, a large base of aging equipment, rendering many facilities vulnerable to unplanned downtime or complete system failure.

One way to upgrade aging switchgear is to modernize the operating system with the new, intelligent control technology that is integrated into today’s more advanced units, helping ensure reliable power and trouble-free operation well into the future. It is important that switchgear manufacturers and end-users seeking an upgrade specify robust control components that provide the necessary, long term reliability.

How c3controls can help modernize Switchgear systems

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