Pacific Kiln & Insulation Co., Inc. (Moreno Valley, CA) manufactures industrial furnace and kilns for both the ceramic and investment casting industries.

Innovation Fuels Kiln Manufacturer’s Growth

Companies in the ceramic and investment casting industries look for a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and kilns who can deliver top quality products that improve their bottom line, and they have turned to Pacific Kiln & Insulation Co., Inc. Since their start in 1978, Pacific Kiln has earned a reputation as being a leader in the industry, and thanks to their commitment to quality and cost efficiency, they have become the standard.

Pacific Kiln, based in Moreno Valley, CA, started as a producer of pottery and ceramic kilns for the ceramic industry and, as their reputation grew, they soon expanded to become a supplier of furnace products for the investment casting industry.

Today, as Pacific Kiln continues to develop and manufacture the latest technology in the industry, the need to stay competitive is greater than ever.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our products and lower costs to keep up with the demands of a very tough industry.” – Joel Fritz, President & CEO at Pacific Kiln

To ensure they’re providing the best value in the industry, Pacific Kiln searched for a supplier who they could partner with, and who shared their goals for quality and cost. Out of various manufacturers and suppliers, Pacific Kiln soon realized that c3controls was the perfect fit. “c3controls has helped us reduce the costs on all of our control panel components. From terminal blocks, power disconnects, selector and push button switches, to motor contactors and overload relays, c3controls’ products are all we use. Their competitive prices, same day shipping, and customer service are unsurpassed by any vendor we’ve used in the past,” says Fritz.

“Our customers are very satisfied with the end product, and that’s what is most important to us.” – Joel Fritz, President & CEO at Pacific Kiln

When Pacific Kiln needed a supplier, c3controls was there as the direct manufacturer, saving them in many ways, including time and costs, and with c3controls same-day shipping guarantee, Pacific Kiln can rest easy knowing that their products will arrive right when they need them.

Pacific Kiln values their customers and bringing them the best quality furnaces and kilns possible at a competitive price, and they are able to do it through their partnership with c3controls. At c3controls, we look for customers like Pacific Kiln whose goals and vision align with our own. We look forward to bringing Pacific Kiln more control and to growing both of our businesses.