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Product Features

  • Open-style starters consist of either a Series 300 Contactor & Series 320 Overload Relay, or a Series 330 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker & Series 300 Contactor.
  • Enclosed starters come pre-wired with a variety of pilot device options.
  • Factory assemblies provide the convenience of a single catalog number and shorter control panel bill of material.
  • Shipping Notice: We assemble, test and ship our Series E620 & E630 Starters within 3 days, including legend plates, and confirm every order ensuring accuracy.

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Reduce Your Costs And Enhance The Features And Performance Of Your Equipment

c3controls’ assembled starters are compact in size, are easy to install, and provide reliable and accurate protection against overload and phase loss conditions. Power and control circuit terminals are readily accessible for easy wiring, while shared accessories enable starters to be customized for virtually any application. Our enclosed starters are factory wired and engineered to save you valuable panel space, cost, and time during installation.

A Wide Range of Features, Functionality, And Performance For The Most Demanding Applications

The features, performance, overload and short circuit protection, small size and ease of installation of our Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters will help reduce total installed costs and enhance equipment functionality.

620 Contactor + Overload Relay Assemblies

  • Four (4) frame sizes for devices rated from 9A to 105A. Starter rated 15HP @ 460V (11kW @ 400V) are only 45mm (1-49/64”) wide reducing panel area requirements – smaller enclosures can be used for lower installed costs
  • Compact size – devices rated 25A include 3 power poles that are 45mm (1-49/64”) wide reducing panel area requirements – smaller enclosures can be used for lower installed costs
  • AC and DC operating coils for control circuit application flexibility. 50A to 105A DC operated devices feature electronic coil control.

630 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Contactor Assemblies

  • Designed for optimum performance in multi-motor installations, and can achieve Type 2 coordination in circuits capable of delivering up to 50kA at 460V
  • Compact size – only 45mm (1-49/64”) wide up to 20HP @ 460V (15kW @ 400V) to minimize the amount of panel area required
  • UL Listed Type E devices are available
  • The “ON/OFF” manual operator enables individual motor circuits to be easily isolated without having to disconnect all of the circuits in a control panel
  • Trip indicating auxiliary contacts can be used to identify the trip cause – overload (1 NO and 1 NC) or short circuit (1 NO and 1 NC), to help determine the type of service/maintenance that may be required


  • Snap-on accessories are easily installed without the use of tools, lowering assembly and installation costs
  • 630 accessories include standard auxiliary contacts, trip indicating auxiliary contacts, shunt and undervoltage release modules, and many wiring accessories such as commoning links and feeder terminals for easy distribution of power to multiple motor protection circuit breakers

E620 Contactor + Overload Relay Assemblies

  • Five (5) frame sizes for devices rated from 9A to 65A. Starters rated 15HP @ 460V (11kW @ 400V) are only 45mm (1-49/64”) wide reducing panel area requirements – smaller enclosures can be used for lower installed costs
  • A wide variety of AC and DC operating coils for control circuit application flexibility. 50A to 80A DC operated devices feature electronic coil control.
  • The cover mounted reset push button allows the starter to be reset from outside the enclosure

E630 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Contactor Assemblies

  • Reduced panel area for lower installed costs—three (3) contactor frame sizes directly interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Contactor provides repeated ON/OFF switching for the motor, and the motor protection circuit breaker includes both a Class 10 thermal and magnetic trip elements for overload and short circuit protection of the motor and motor branch circuit conductors
  • Red/Yellow or Black/Grey Operating Handles that can be padlocked in the “OFF” position with up to three padlocks for extra safety and the security needed during maintenance activities

E630 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Contactor Assemblies - Type E

  • UL 60947-4-1 Self-protected combination motor controller integrates protective functions into a single unit suitable for use in circuits delivering up to 50kA at 480V.
  • Type E devices provide motor disconnecting means, branch short circuit and ground fault protection, motor control and motor overload protection, reducing size and eliminating upstream fuses or circuit breakers for a motor circuit

Optimal Performance And Safety

Designed to provide reliable and accurate protection against overload and phase loss conditions and are ideal for use in group motor installations. They’re perfect for where panel space is a premium and device modularity is a must.


UL Listed and CE marked, our Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starter Assemblies and Enclosed DOL Starter Assemblies are designed to perform in a broad range of applications.

High Fault Short Circuit Current Rating

High fault short circuit current rating of 100kA @ 480V and 600V with Class J Fuses for Series 620 and 50kA @ 480V for Series 630, providing safety and reliability in high fault applications.

Added Safety

IP20 guarded terminals with dual terminal markings prevent accidental contact with live parts.

Visible Markings

High-visibility labels and markings. Dual IEC and NEMA terminal markings for easy wiring anywhere in the world.

Identification Marker

Removable and replaceable identification marker, standard on all c3controls’ Series 620 and 630 DOL Starters, simplifies troubleshooting in panels with many devices.

Easy to Install

35mm DIN rail mounting for fast and easy installation and removal, or panel mounting with mounting feet for more secure installation in high shock and vibration applications.

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