ESD Waste2Water


ESD Waste2Water (Ocala, FL) designs and manufactures industrial soil and groundwater remediation and wash water treatment equipment for the wastewater and remediation market.

Dedication to quality and commitment to innovation represent the foundation of ESD Waste2Water’s success. In an industry where products had become standardized, ESD created an environmental system so revolutionary they were awarded an exclusive patent by the United States Patent Office. With their proprietary closed loop water remediation process, companies in every industry now have the ability to simultaneously prevent pollution and conserve water. So, it comes as no surprise that today ESD is being recognized around the world as the optimal solution for wastewater and environmental issues.

Based in Ocala, Florida, Environmental System Design was established in 1993 by Jon Houchens as an environmental-engineering consulting firm. However, he and his team recognized early on there was a critical need for newer, more specialized technology in the modern wastewater industry.

They expanded to support that demand, and over the next two decades ESD became established as a well-known, brand-name manufacturer of custom wastewater and remediation systems.

Servicing water and petroleum industries, local dry cleaners, do-it-yourself car washes, and world class golf courses like those in Pebble Beach, California, ESD is helping businesses everywhere to minimize waste and water utility costs.

“Everything we produce, from the fabrication of aluminum components to the assembly of complete wastewater recycling systems is designed, manufactured, and tested in Ocala. We reduce costs for our customers by not outsourcing and bringing in contractors and distributors” says Moser. “We also have the ability, where a lot of our competitors don’t, to customize our products because we build everything in house.”

While many competitors were forced to close their doors during the recent recession, ESD exemplified their leadership by continuing regular operations and expanding. “Through concessions from our dedicated, core group of employees and our ability to establish relationships with both government and private agencies, we were able to keep our doors open,” says Moser. ESD continues to grow, entering new territories in Australia and Europe, and bringing on new industry experts as they continually introduce the latest solutions to environmental management.

“The biggest building block of our success has been the hard work of our President,” Moser states. “Jon Houchens continues to work hands-on each day with our dedicated team of engineers, professional geologists, wastewater specialists, and customer support managers. Together, they bring an unparalleled level of skill and expertise to their field.”

ESD is committed to delivering world-class service.

Achieving all of their objectives requires the support of a select group of suppliers whose commitment to product quality, availability, service and value parallel ESD’s. These relationships are critical. “Communication, deliverability, and availability of reliable products are paramount in our business because so many of our projects are customized,” says Jennifer.

By partnering with c3controls, ESD has been able to work directly with the manufacturer of their control products. c3controls’ factory direct pricing, availability, and same-day shipping help ESD maintain more control over their bottom line and reduce their inventory by getting them everything they need quickly and on time.

ESD specifies c3controls pilot devices, general purpose relays, and disconnect switches.To ensure that our equipment will meet safety standards in any industry or market, we design all of our panels with UL-certified equipment,” says Dan Hamer, Electrical Engineer for ESD. “c3controls consistently meets our standards and has been a dependable resource for quality products for us since 1996.”

As ESD moves forward, providing leading-edge technology to the wastewater and remediation industry, c3controls will continue to innovate and provide the latest automation to assist them in meeting and exceeding their customers’ expectations.

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