Total Control Systems Inc. (Stanchfield, MN) designs and manufactures custom systems for the water and wastewater industry, specializing in the implementation of microprocessor based communications and control equipment.

Success Flows From Water Treatment Innovations

A trusted reputation built on a commitment to meeting every customer’s needs is the foundation of Total Control Systems’ Success.

When water treatment plants design and retrofit their control systems, they need system integration partners that can support a project from start to finish, and that’s where Total Control Systems steps in. With over 50 years combined experience, the staff at TCSI is fully equipped to design, configure, build, and provide start-up supervision for complete water and wastewater management systems. Following installation, they also offer 24-hour on-call service for their clients because they understand that, as a partner, the job doesn’t end after a panel is built—it begins.

Based in Stanchfield, MN, Total Control Systems consistently exceeds expectations with world-class integration solutions and customer care since 1992. Today, their success is measured by the great amount of trust municipalities and water treatment plants have placed in them for over twenty years.

“Around here, if you hear a toilet run, or turn on a faucet, we probably designed the system that’s running it. We’ve built a knowledgeable, well-rounded staff, so cities call us first no matter what the problem is, even if it’s not our normal realm of business. When plants don’t have the expertise in-house, they know they can come to us and that we will have the right solution.” – Al Doberstein, TSCI President

As a complement to their expertise, Total Control Systems collaborates with manufacturers like c3controls who reliably provide them with the best components available, all at a competitive price. “If there is something new out there that can protect our customers’ bottom line and save panel space, such as c3controls Series 900 Smart Programmable Relays, we will integrate those products into our panels,” explains Mr. Doberstein. “We always use the most reliable products we can find. I’ve used enough parts from other companies, like Allen Bradley, and need to be sure the parts will hold up in demanding applications. c3controls engineers solid products that look good in a panel, and when you turn the panel on for the first time, it works every time. The clients are happy, we are happy, and that’s why we’ve stuck with c3controls.”

For the staff at TCSI, though, a supplier needs to go further than just delivering a quality product at a competitive price. “I deal with my suppliers on a daily basis when I’m ordering parts, so I have to know that they will be able to meet our needs every time,” says Lindsay Buckingham, Office Manager at TCSI. “c3controls provides a lifetime warranty on their products, and with same-day shipping we can always receive what we need when we need it.”

As Total Control Systems moves forward with the development of new projects, they will continue to rely on select suppliers to support them with high quality components that meet the demands of their applications. “Our customer’s facilities require components to hold up,” concludes Al Doberstein. “We are able to count on c3controls to deliver. When we leave a job, our client’s system is in better condition than when we got there.”

c3controls has been proud to work with TCSI for more than a decade, and looks forward to the many years to come.

“We feel fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with businesses like Total Control Systems. Our commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence will enable us to sustain the success of our partnership.” – Geoff Taylor, c3controls’ President