Polly Mangan

Director of Human Resources

Polly Mangan, Director of Human Resources for c3controls, has been with the organization since August of 2013. Polly is responsible for coordinating and implementing the strategies for c3controls’ Human Resources functions including talent management, employee engagement, internal communications, training, and development.

Polly began her career as a manager trainee and now 30 years later, holds a wealth of experience in leadership roles in Human Resource, Service, and Operations. Over the course of her career, Polly has subsequently served in senior positions with three other organizations. Prior to joining c3controls, Polly owned and operated a Human Resource consulting practice in which she served clients in the non-profit, manufacturing, services, and medical sectors.

She currently serves on the board for the Southwest Corner Workforce Department, in addition to being a member of the Energy & Advanced Manufacturing Partnership and Rotary International Organization. Polly also holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

For spare time, Polly enjoys bike riding, playing tennis and spending time with her family.