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The American Originals

What is it that gives people the vision and drive to change the world? Was Andrew Carnegie born with something most men weren’t, or was he struck with a blinding bolt of inspiration that, when paired with hard work, led to something monumental?

These people aren’t just innovators or leaders. They’re something more. A rare breed with the potent combination of vision and drive to accomplish the unthinkable. 

They’re American Originals.

Engineering Excellence: The Internet of Things

The term “revolutionary” gets abused.

Every day another new process, technology, or idea tumbles down our news feeds carrying the “revolutionary” label. And every day, nearly all of them fall short of this lofty description. But when you start talking to engineers about the effect that smart machinery will have on the manufacturing process, it becomes clear that the presence of Internet-connected machines on the factory floor is going to be just that – a revolution.

Industry 4.0’s internet-connected machines will bring new levels of efficiency, increased speed to market, and vast amounts of information delivered in real-time. So, the question for OEMs isn’t if smart machines have a place on the line, but how do you incorporate them, and how quickly?