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Relay Ladder Logic Symbols

Relay logic, ladder logic, and ladder diagrams all refer to the way we organize an electrical circuit. Relay logic’s ladder diagrams used physical contacts, coils, switches, and lots of other devices for every single function on a machine. As time went on, changes to logic programming and mechanical failures caused engineers to look for a digital alternative. Early relay diagram symbols were literal interpretations of physical relay panels. This article guides you through Ladder Logic, Common Logic Systems, Variations in Logic Symbols, Bit Logic, Scan Time, Function Blocks, and more.

What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages of a Programmable Relay Controller?

Only the simplest powered electrical systems and equipment require just an on-off switch. A programmable relay offers an easy-to-use, low-cost option to add automated control. Today, programmable relays are another choice available to control electrical systems. Although they are a good fit for many applications, they have their disadvantages too.

Circuit Breaker Breakdown

A circuit breaker is an electrical component that switches either manually or automatically to control a power system. All buildings with electricity must have circuit breakers. On a bad day, a circuit breaker can save your premises and employees from shock, electrical fire, or even electrocution. Circuit breakers offer electrical protection to people and equipment from sudden surges, overloads, and short circuits. This article guides you through the different types of circuit breakers.

NEMA vs IEC Motor Controls

In measuring electric motors and motor controls, there are two standards in use: NEMA vs IEC. When choosing between NEMA vs IEC, the pros and cons of each can guide you. Read on to understand the differences between NEMA vs IEC and how each can suit your intended application.