'Quality' is c3controls!

‘Quality’ at c3controls is more than just a word. It is a commitment that has been incorporated into every aspect of the company operations for over 44 years. The entire team at c3controls has all of the capabilities needed to successfully sustain ‘quality’ in the products it manufactures for its customers — locally and globally. Our commitment of placing the success of our customers first is a pledge we vow to keep. We design, develop and manufacture world-class electrical control products with the best quality, the lowest cost and fastest shipping in the industry — guaranteed.

Cross-Departmental Quality Team

We have developed a culture that makes our customers’ goals our goals — and using our experience we design quality products that solve the challenges our customers face. Led by dedicated quality leadership, our Cross-Departmental Quality Team meets on a weekly basis to discuss and resolve any recent quality incidents.

Our continuous improvement activities are based on the seven ISO Quality Management Principles — including customer focus, leadership, engagement of people, process approach, improvement, evidence based decision making, and relationship management.

Product Design

We begin with a product design that will serve our customers’ demands and challenges in the OEM machine builder industries. The product design and development team include members from Product Marketing representing the Voice of the Customer (VOC) to identify their major challenges and what key features will be built into each product.

The team also includes Industrial Engineers to ensure proper ergonomics for ease of handling, installation and use — as well as a Quality and Compliance Engineer, who checks designs for flaws customers have observed in competitive product offerings. Then, armed with customer input, our experienced design team begins the task of developing products that will best serve our customers’ needs.

During this process, the products are subjected to exhaustive evaluations, including FMEAs (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, both Design and Process) and rigorous testing. Standards/certifications testing and market requirements, as well as input from our field technicians, ensure that c3controls is continually improving our designs and products.

In addition, c3controls designs our own plastic injection molds and has in-house molding capabilities — ensuring quality control of production and saving our customers time and money by eliminating the use of an outside resource.

Product Certification

Customers of c3controls have the confidence of knowing that our products are UL and CSA tested — as well as CE and RoHS compliant. In addition, we work with UL and CSA to conduct quarterly inspections to ensure our products continue to comply with requirements.

Product Manufacturing

By maintaining total focus on every aspect of the manufacturing and assembly process with in-line quality checks and tests, c3controls assures customers that they will receive the quality products they need to be successful. Employees with training in quality inspection are embedded throughout the manufacturing process — and they are continuously checking to make sure all personnel involved in the operation are utilizing the proper materials, tools, and are following detailed work instructions. All equipment and fixtures are also frequently checked and routinely calibrated to detect and correct any operational problems.

Quality Materials

Maintaining c3controls’ quality standards means that we place great importance on using the highest quality raw materials available. We purchase from trusted and proven reliable suppliers — and incoming raw materials and components undergo a rigorous compliance inspection process to ensure they meet or exceed c3controls’ specifications and acceptance criteria. Our quality team works closely with our suppliers to quickly resolve non-compliance issues when they are detected. Our focus on manufacturing the best products in the world includes exhaustive final product testing on everything we produce. In addition, every customer order receives a final inspection to ensure it is correct and complete.

Quality Buying Experience

The c3controls’ Customer First Team overarching goal is providing ‘Magical Customer Service’ to everyone we serve. Magical Customer Service means ensuring a high-quality buying experience each and every time you choose to trust us with your business. Whether you’re purchasing one product a year or hundreds at a time, we want to make your buying relationship with us the best you have ever experienced, even magical! Our responsive sales team is trained to assist our customers to cross reference the products that they’re currently using with ours. We stand ready to help customers determine which product is right for their needs and troubleshoot any perceived problems during application. In addition, we have embedded Application Engineers in the sales team for additional support when needed. Every member of the c3controls team wants you to experience the quality of our service prior to, during and after the sale. Our Customer First specialists are committed to providing you with personalized care that is second to none. The support team is ready and waiting to use their industry expertise and product knowledge to assist at any point during the ordering process. When you need instant information about our products, you can get it 24 hours a day at our website www.c3controls.com. You can find our user friendly “Product Configurators” for easy selection of the products with the features you’re looking for. There are many supporting documents available including, 3D models / CAD drawings, certification documents, technical data sheets, white papers, and articles.

Handling Customer Concerns

Quality at c3controls includes our comprehensive follow-up service after the sale. We offer a limited lifetime warranty that all of our products will be free of defects in material, workmanship and design.

Even with the rigorous quality measures we have enacted and follow, a customer may still experience a product or service issue. In order to respond promptly to them, c3controls has a quality process in place which includes immediate return and replacement of the product to keep our customers’ production up and running.

When c3controls analyzes a returned product with the perceived quality issue, and if the inspector does not find any issues with the product, we then reach out to the customer to get further information on their application of the product. Any new details of the conditions surrounding the product application will be used to determine if the perceived issue is only present under certain conditions that are present in the customer’s use.

The goal of the quality process is to identify what specific issues the customer is experiencing with the product. This includes finding problems that are application specific and to prevent those issues from reoccurring in the future.

Advantage Pricing

Because we have complete control over our engineering and manufacturing processes, maintain lower overhead costs than our competitors, and with our factory-direct business model, c3controls is able to provide premium performing products without the premium price. We offer customers a buying partnership that can save them up to 40%. This risk-free business model has helped our customers improve profitability and cash flow for more than 44 years.

Same-Day Shipping

At c3controls, we know how important it is to get your orders on time, every time. That’s why we offer Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping on any order for standard catalog items received by 6:00pm ET. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get what they need, when they need it. A promise that we know can help you reduce inventory and save money.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We offer the best guarantees in the business. While other companies claim to offer the highest quality products on the market, at c3controls we guarantee it. We can ensure high quality because we have total control over every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing processes.

Quality that meets your exact requirements

Using our decades of experience, c3controls continues to expand our culture of ‘quality’ to design products that meet our customers’ challenges of today and tomorrow. Quality is a subject that is an ongoing discussion in every department meeting including product design, manufacturing, pricing, warranties, sales and shipping. We are continually following our company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) regarding product and service quality to keep us moving in the right direction. We’re constantly reviewing and raising our corporate goals to ensure our customers’ receive the best that c3controls has to offer.

c3controls produces durable, well-designed electrical control products that meet global standards for quality and safety — and perform reliably even in the most punishing environments. Ranging from power and actuation to control logic to human machine interface to wiring/cable duct — c3controls offers products that perform the essential control functions that are at the heart of nearly every electrically operated machine and equipment. We offer 15 million+ product configurations enabling you to engineer and optimize your control system and processes.

We’re proud of our products. They are the result of over 44 years of experience in manufacturing products that solve the challenges machine builders face. We are ready and waiting to work with you to solve your toughest controls challenges.