The c3 Secret Sauce for Guaranteed Superior Quality

At c3controls, we understand that it might be surprising to learn that every one of our world-class industrial controls is backed by a lifetime warranty. After all, our warranty is the only one of its kind in the industry. So, how does a company maintain such confidence in its product?
 The c3 Secret Sauce for Guaranteed Superior Quality

Our answer starts with the fact that c3 was built on a desire to make the best product, be our best as a team, and be the best at serving and supporting our customers. And when your sights are always set for the best, nothing less will do.

When we start to look at how to manifest that desire, the answer becomes more challenging, and more interesting. What do we do to deliver the very best controls to you so that you can deliver your best product to your customers? This is the part that requires the secret sauce. And we’re happy to share our three-ingredient recipe with you.

Core Values Alignment – Our commitment to quality
At c3, we strive to align all aspects of business, manufacturing, and service with our core values. These are the values that drive our commitment to excellence in all that we do and for all those we serve:
  • Integrity in all our dealings
  • Respect for people
  • Contributing to the success of our customers
  • Risk-taking, innovation, and learning
  • Long-term perspective
  • 100% accountability / 0 excuses
Vertical Integration – Our delivery of quality
Our strategic, vertically-integrated manufacturing model is the cornerstone of c3 quality. This places innovation, development, design, manufacturing, testing, and shipping all within our control. With Everything Under Control, we can ensure the highest levels of engineering excellence, product quality, and cutomer satisfaction.
Concierge Style Service & Support – Our maintenance of quality
Part of what we call the “c3 experience” is concierge style service that is second to none. Through personalized and responsive support, members of our Customer First Dream Team make doing business with c3 easy—before, during, and after an order. Customers can count on us to provide technical and application support for their specific needs and to develop long standing relationships built on integrity, respect, service and performance.
The result of our commitment to a values-driven, strategically integrated, and customer-centered business is the achievement of superior quality in which we can continually place our confidence. And so can you. We guarantee it! 

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