What Same-Day Shipping Does for Your Business

Imagine this: You log into a website, add the items you want to your shopping cart, and check out. An hour later, your items show up at your door.

While same-day fulfillment is still (for now) a dream in most industries, c3controls has made same-day shipping a reality.

It stands to reason that customers want their items faster. After all, when you build equipment, every component delay means more of your cash tied up in inventory.

While you’ve probably thought about that side of things, we did a little thinking and a little investigating into how same-day shipping benefits your business. Here are four things you might not have considered.

Same Day Shipping for Your Business – c3Controls

Improve Cash Flow

Businesses with large or deep inventories can use quick shipping to make their inventory “shallower” – stocking more types of products, with fewer of each on the shelf. This helps ensure that as little cash flow as possible is tied up in inventory – and also means there’s less backlog to track and manage.

Same Day Shipping with c3ControlsImprove Productivity

We’ve already established that being able to ship products faster means less money tied up in inventory. But shipping faster on your end can also make your customers happier!

Just remember that shipping is based on trust. If you can’t fulfill your promise of speedy shipment, prepare for customer irritation. 

Handle Those “Oops” Moments

Forget to order a part, or accidentally purchased the wrong one? That’s what same-day shipping is for. Your parts get on their way to you immediately, so you can amend any accidents ASAP. We’ll even ship it right to your customer or install site – another bonus of having a supplier that guarantees to ship your order the day you place it.

Same Day Shipping with c3ControlsPeace of Mind

We’re a partner to our customers and that means we care about your reputation just as much as you do. So you can rest easy knowing your parts are dependable and will be there when you need them. And who couldn’t use one less thing to worry about?

What did we miss?

You know the benefits of same-day shipping just as much as we do. So if you know of one that didn’t make the list, leave us a comment and let us know.