Why c3

There are as many reasons as the products we make (over 15 million!) We narrowed it down to the top 10.


Each of our departments offers endless opportunities for personal growth and development. We invest in our people as much as our products.

A Great Place to Work

Any company can say they’re the best. We’d rather let the people who work here speak for us.


The same way innovative engineering design drives our product performance, our core values create a distinctly different company culture.


We believe you are a reflection of where you come from, so we make it a priority to give back to our community.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Team

One of the greatest assets of c3controls is its employees, their talents and efforts. In recognition of this, together with our interest in the welfare of each employee, we are committed to your success and will work with you to develop a company sponsored program for professional advancement.

The People

We’ve built an enthusiastic team of great people who work together, who are strategically focused and team-oriented, and who are respectful and friendly toward all.

Endless Opportunities

Our leaders inspire, coach and support your personal and professional growth through career enhancement and continuous learning. We even offer tuition reimbursement.

Competitive & Incentive Pay

We reward our employees for their hard-work and dedication by offering competitive pay and incentive pay plans.

Wellness Benefits

Comprehensive company sponsored and affordable health, life and long-term disability insurance options for you and your family.

Retirement Planning

Employees who take full advantage of the employer sponsored 401(k) retirement savings plan with a company matching contribution ensure that they are financially and emotionally ready for retirement.


We understand the importance of work-life balance. That’s why we encourage company breaks and provide paid vacations and holidays. We support flexible work schedules, PTO and unpaid leaves of absence for personal reasons.

Challenging Work Environment

Creativity and innovation are encouraged for improving the effectiveness of the company. Being a vertically integrated manufacturer means collaboration and great ideas come from everywhere within the company. Our employees are ones who recognize the value of a challenge.

Employment Security

We are committed to providing our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. Above all, employees are provided the same concern, respect and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every customer.


We recognize and reward motivated employees, and we celebrate with them in their successes.

Product Innovation

We deliver product innovations and enhancements unmatched in the industry that make a difference in solving the challenges machine builders face. Products so rugged, durable, and long-lasting from a brand recognized in the industry as trusted, world-class in quality, and a good value.

A Great Place to Work!

Any company can say they’re the best. We’d rather let the people who work here speak for us.

Perfect Attendance

Employees who meet the standards for perfect attendance set an example for all other employees to aspire to. This is especially true in our Manufacturing Operations department, so in 2018 c3controls adopted a motivational incentive program to recognize and reward employees for their significant accomplishment, their commitment, and the impact their attendance has on the success of the business. Rewards include cash bonus, certificate of merit, recognition in the employee newsletter, additional paid time off and an annual grand prize worth $500.

Winners for Quarter 1&2, 2021

  1. Tory Cardwell
  2. Bob Haney
  3. Donna McClain
  4. Sharon West
  5. Heidi Coburn
  6. Nikki Steele
  7. Janice Matte
  8. Tara James

Star Buck Recognition for Peers

At c3controls, we are committed to living our Core Values of Respect for People, Risk-taking/Innovation/Learning, Contributing to the Success of Our Customers, 100/0, Long-term Perspective, and Integrity in All Our Dealings.

In 2019, we kicked off a new program - The Star Buck Recognition for Peers. This global employee driven program offers a way to acknowledge and express appreciation to colleagues who exhibit behaviors that align with our Core Values. Behaviors that make a difference in everyday work life and create a better environment for everyone. The program is straightforward for employees to use and emphasizes recognition quarterly to those who received or gave the most Star Bucks. Rewards include cash bonus, certificate of merit, recognition in the employee newsletter, additional paid time off and annual grand prizes.

Starbuck Team Members!

Winners for Quarter 2, 2021

  1. Tammy Krisa
  2. Carmelo Hernandez
  3. Pritam Salunkhe

Starbuck Champs!

Winners for Quarter 2, 2021

  1. Nikki Steele
  2. Adrian Ramirez
  3. Udit Sharma

The People of c3controls

The people behind your products

Student Opportunities

At c3controls, we provide students with Co-Op positions to gain knowledge and critical skills while working in their respective field. Let's see what they have to say about their rotations here at c3!

Ian Barker – Pitt - Industrial Engineer

Coming from my first rotation at a different company, I was unsure of what to expect since the two companies were very different. However, after my first team meeting I knew that my experience here would be much more fulfilling. Every employee at c3 has made me feel welcome and has done their best to answer all of my questions. In addition to enhancing my ability to apply what I have learned in the classroom, being a part of the great team at c3 has helped develop my soft skills as well. I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing team.

Veeka Needham – Pitt - Industrial Engineer

"My first rotation at C3 Controls has not only helped me better understand and practice in my field of industrial engineering, but also has shown me the inner workings of a successful business. Because I got to be apart of a variety of projects, I got to see how many individuals in different departments play a critical role in making exceptional products. I’m excited to return for my next rotations to see and be apart of the many changes and transformations C3 continues to experience."

Anne Taylor – RIT - Inside Sales Associate

"Working at c3controls this summer has provided me with not only experience in the day to day operations of running a manufacturing business, but I have gained valuable insight into the importance of sales and marketing to ensuring the success of a business. My summer co-op at c3controls was very beneficial in seeing how every department in an organization is intertwined to make sure the company day to day affairs run smoothly."

Crandall Maines - Jacksonville University - Sales Engineer

"I was fortunate to participate in a summer internship with the sales engineers and marketing department at c3contols.My time at c3 gave me a unique perspective of the business world that any engineer is bound to interact with regularly. This internship allowed me to not only watch, but participate in the day-to-day activities of a technical business. I cannot begin to thank c3 and all of its wonderful employees enough for such a worthwhile experience."

Jeremiah Hoydich – Pitt - Associate Design Engineer

"My first rotation at c3controls has been a great experience. I felt that all of my projects made a
contribution not only to my growth as an engineer but have made a difference within the company. On
top of that, everyone I’ve met during my time here has been extremely friendly and willing to lend a
hand with any difficulty I’ve had. I definitely look forward to my next two rotations at c3!"

Sean Soltysiak – Pitt - Associate Industrial Engineer

"From the minute I walked in the door at c3controls for my first rotation, I could feel the family atmosphere. Everybody was in sync and knew exactly the role they played within the company. The combination of the strong family experience and the concrete values of the company appealed to me. This was a company that aligned with my personal beliefs and truly represented who I was as a person. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to complete my third rotation at c3controls in the summer of 2018."

Aaron Veness - Penn State - Associate Design Engineer

"Working for c3controls has been a great opportunity. The people here have created an interactive learning atmosphere that allows for contribution from everyone. I really like that the company is so well organized, vertically integrated, and family oriented. Although the company is relatively small, it has exposed me to a large variety of projects and topics that a large company could never display in one rotation. c3controls has definitely better equipped me for my future as a mechanical engineer."

Daniel Fox – RIT - Associate Industrial Engineer

"I chose c3controls for a more hands-on experience for my second co-op. Once I got here, I was almost
immediately involved with multiple hands-on projects and I knew I had made the right decision. The
variety of skills I’ve used while I was here was also incredibly surprising. For example, I never expected
to be working on projects involving topics ranging from forecasting, to facilities planning, to even
industrializing production processes and that is awesome! It’s the variety in projects that makes each
day interesting here and the friendly atmosphere of your coworkers whether it be your fellow
engineers, the assemblers, or whoever your working with that makes your daily experience fantastic
while you’re here."

Mattie Taylor - University of Kentucky - Marketing Associate

“I enjoy working for a small business that is in the town I grew up in. The marketing department is undergoing drastic changes and it is an awesome opportunity and learning experience to be involved in the restructuring of c3’s marketing plan.”

Jarod Farchione – RIT - Sales/Marketing Associate Intern

"Working at c3controls has taught me the importance of paramount values in the competitive industry of electronic controls. Being able to discover new business opportunities and effectively communicate our unique story to customers has both fulfilled me and been consequential to the results of the company."

James Ambrose - Penn State - Associate Industrial Engineer

“c3controls provides excellent opportunities to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it in a manufacturing environment. A hands-on experience is complemented by a supportive engineering staff that will help guide you in elevating projects to a professional engineering level. I was able to work on multiple types of projects including process optimization, manufacturing line design, industrialization, and quality engineering. This position helped me gain an understanding of the capacity and capabilities of an Industrial Engineer.”

James Maxwell – RIT – Marketing Associate

“Working at c3controls has been an incredible experience. A company that is heavily structured towards success has enabled me to challenge myself on a daily basis. Being able to take the knowledge and skills that I have learned from a classroom setting and apply it to real world marketing applications. At the end of the day, I knew the work that I contributed has had a meaningful impact on the company and its customers.”

Our Culture

We provide our customers, team members, partners, and communities with opportunities which are profitable, rewarding and very much, personally and professionally, growth-oriented.

Integrity In all Our Dealings

We will be reliable, honest and dependable; people will be able to count on our word being good and our commitments being met; we will use our integrity to build trusted relationships.

Contributing to the Success of Our Customers

By first helping our customers be successful, c3 will become and remain successful. Customer attitudes towards us will determine how successful we can and will become. Those attitudes evolve from how they perceive the value we deliver.

Long-Term Perspective

As a family-owned business, we think in terms of long-term and sustainable achievements to define our success. Therefore, we strive to strike balance between reaching short term objectives and achieving long-term prosperity… sometimes forsaking the near term results in order for everyone involved to ultimately win!

Risk-Taking, Innovation & Learning

Progress is accomplished through carefully managed calculated risk, trying new things, collaborating with each other and learning from mistakes. Our human resource and leadership philosophies will encourage entrepreneurship, innovation, risk-taking, and team building.

Respect for Teams & People

We will respect all of our stakeholders—owners, team members, customers, suppliers, partners and communities. Always doing the “right thing” and treating people with respect and integrity will ultimately determine our success and create value for all.

100 / 0

100% Accountability / 0% Excuses. Success will only be accomplished if we each individually assume accountability for our own actions and success, not accepting any excuses or blaming others. By doing so, the Team can and will achieve more than we could individually as everyone works together and can rely on each other ensuring long-term growth for all.

Our Community

We believe you are a reflection of where you come from, so we make it a priority to give back to our community through our partnerships with forward-thinking innovation.

Focus on the Future

The best way to build a brighter future is to focus on cultivating a community of thinkers, builders, makers, and doers today. With this in mind, c3controls’ thought leaders invest time and industry expertise in STEAM focused educational initiatives, youth sponsorship's and the development of the future workers of America.

Partnerships with Principles

c3controls is committed to dealing with honesty, integrity and respect in all of our partnerships, whether they be with our customers, our government or our local business community. These values create partnerships based in trust and a community that is built to last.

Innovations in Industry

As thought leaders in the controls industry and experts in their fields, c3controls employees are expected and encouraged to aspire and inspire; to challenge the status quo and to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish. This is what makes us the best controls company on the planet.