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Our complete range of Series 300 Miniature Contactors and Control Relays share common accessories including 2 and 4 circuit front mounted auxiliary contacts, RC, varistor & diode surge suppressors, right side mounted electronic timers, mechanical interlock and interconnecting wiring module, and a printed circuit board link module. Designing starter assemblies and panels is easy, you don’t have to remember which auxiliary is required for each contactor, they all work together. Installation is easy too. Once you learn how to install each accessory, it’s always the same no matter what contactor it’s being installed on.

Product Features

  • Modular design and common snap-on accessories are easily installed without the use of tools.
  • Front mounted auxiliary contacts and surge suppressors install directly on top of the single front mounted mechanical interlock when used with our Miniature Reversing Contactors.
  • The printed circuit board module, rated 16A AC-3 and 22A AC-1, enables miniature contactors to be mounted directly on electronic printed circuit boards.
  • The insulated, over-molded wiring modules provide error free interconnections for reversing the power poles, and provide the electrical interlock through the integrated NC auxiliary contacts
  • Right side mounted electronic timers available in On-Delay and Off-Delay configurations with timing ranges up to 30 seconds.

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