Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters – Open : Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Contactor Assemblies

If you’re looking for a line of compact, easy-to-install assembled starters that offer reliable protection for your motors against short circuit, overload, and phase loss conditions, look to c3controls. Our Series 630 assembled starters are ideal for use in multi-motor applications, and feature power and control circuit terminals that are readily accessible for easy wiring.

Product Features

  • Factory assembly of a Series 330 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker and Series 300 Contactor provides the convenience of a single catalog number and shorter control panel bill of material.
  • Designed for optimum performance in multi-motor installations, and can achieve Type 2 coordination in circuits capable of delivering up to 50kA@460V.
  • Integral right side mounted auxiliary contacts, 3 power poles + 1 auxiliary, are standard on all c3 non-reversing contactors.
  • Full load current adjustment ratio enables overload relay to be set to exact FLA of motor. Provides phase protection for the motor against overload currents.
  • Compact size, only 45mm wide up to 20HP@460V to minimize the amount of panel area required.
  • The “ON/OFF” manual operator enables individual motor circuits to be easily isolated without having to disconnect all of the circuits in a control panel.
  • The contactor and motor protection circuit breaker are assembled with a link module, enabling the starter to be installed on a single 35mm DIN rail.
  • Starter assembly and installation in Group Motor Installations is easier and faster with the use of connection modules and commoning links to conveniently distribute power to multiple starter assemblies.

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1 Starter Type:

2 Contactor (Non-Reversing) Ampere Rating:

3 Contactor Coil Voltage:

4 Contactor Auxiliary Contact Configuration:

5 MPCB Adjustment Range (A):

6 MPCB Auxiliary Contact Configuration (Front Mounted):

7 MPCB Auxiliary Contact Configuration (Left Mounted):

8 MPCB Trip Indicating Aux. Contact Config. (Left Mounted):

9 MPCB Line Side Terminal Barrier: