Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters – Open : Type E – Motor Protection Circuit Breaker + Contactor Assemblies : Motor Voltage 600Y/347V

Traditionally, motor short circuit protection has been provided by fuses or molded case circuit breakers that are often cumbersome and costly. Type E has proven to be a simple and cost-effective alternative, providing all the protection required for your motor circuit. As you search for ways to reduce panel size, expense and total cost of installation, Discover Type E and simplify your motor circuit.

Product Features

  • Factory assembly of a Series 330 Motor Protection Circuit Breaker, Series 300 Contactor, trip indicating auxiliary and line side terminal barrier accessories provides the convenience of a single catalog number and shorter control panel bill of material.
  • Listed as a UL 60947-4-1A Type E self-protected combination Manual Motor Controller for circuits capable of delivering up to 50kA@460V.
  • A Type E self-protected combination motor controller integrates protective functions into a single unit suitable for use in circuits delivering up to 50kA@480V.
  • Type E devices provide motor disconnecting means, branch short circuit and ground fault protection, motor control and motor overload protection, reducing size and eliminating upstream fuses or circuit breakers for a motor circuit.
  • Trip Class 10 overload protection.
  • Integral right side mounted auxiliary contacts, 3 power poles + 1 auxiliary, are standard on all c3 non-reversing contactors.
  • Full load current adjustment ratio enables overload relay to be set to exact FLA of motor. Provides phase protection for the motor against overload currents.
  • The contactor and motor protection circuit breaker are assembled with a link module, enabling the starter to be installed on a single 35mm DIN rail.

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1 Starter Type:

2 Contactor (Non-Reversing) Ampere Rating:

3 Contactor Coil Voltage:

4 Contactor Auxiliary Contact Configuration:

5 MPCB Adjustment Range (A):

6 MPCB Auxiliary Contact Configuration (Front Mounted):

7 MPCB Auxiliary Contact Configuration (Left Mounted):

8 MPCB Trip Indicating Aux. Contact Config. (Left Mounted):

9 MPCB Line Side Terminal Barrier: