Enclosed Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters : Contactor + Overload Relay Assemblies

For compact starters that offer reliable protection for your motors and perform in the most demanding situations, c3controls Enclosed Direct-On-Line (DOL) Starters are what you need. Our Series E620 comes pre-assembled with our Series 300 Contactor, Series 320 Overload Relay, and 22mm IEC pilot devices, all within the protection of our durable polycarbonate enclosure.

Shipping Notice: We assemble, test and ship our Series E620 – Enclosed DOL Starters within 3 days, including legend plates―and confirm every order ensuring accuracy.

Product Features

  • Factory assembled and wired starters and pilot devices provide the convenience of a single catalog number and shorter control panel bill of material.
  • Five frame sizes for devices rated 9A-65A. Starters rated 15HP@460V (11kW@400V) are only 45mm wide reducing panel are requirements.
  • Available in two sizes, our polycarbonate enclosure comes with a lift-off cover, and are rated Type 1, 4/4X, and IP66, including wash-downs and corrosive environments.
  • A variety of pilot devices are available, including non-illuminated momentary push buttons, non-illuminated momentary dual push buttons, maintained selector switches, auxiliary contacts and pilot lights.
  • Optional cover mounted reset push button allows the starter to be reset from outside the enclosure.
  • High fault short circuit current rating of 100kA@480V and 600V with Class J fuses.
  • Integral auxiliary contacts, 3 power poles + 1 auxiliary, are standard on all c3 non-reversing contactors.
  • Full load current adjustment ratio of approx. 1:1.5 enables overload relay to be set to exact FLA of motor.
  • Manual or automatic reset and test modes, and stop button all in a single device for convenient control circuit wiring.
  • Trip test function standard on all c3 Series 320 Overload Relays.
  • Shipping Notice: We assemble, test and ship our Series E620 Starters within 3 days, including legend plates, and confirm every order ensuring accuracy.

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1 Enclosed Starter Type:

2 Contactor (Non-Reversing) Ampere Rating:

3 Contactor Coil Voltage:

4 Contactor Auxiliary Contact Configuration:

5 Overload Relay Current Adjustment Range (A):

6 Polycarbonate Enclosure Dimension (Type 4X & IP66):

7 22mm IEC Reset Push Button Options:

8 22mm IEC Pilot Device Options:

9 22mm IEC Unibody Pilot Light Legend Plate Marking:

10 Wiring Options: