Pilot Devices : 22mm NEMA : Add-On Contact Blocks

Our “Add-On” contact blocks can be added to basic operators to increase the number and type of contacts – up to 8 contacts per operator. Blocks simply screw on the back of the operator.

Product Features

  • Up to 3 blocks with two circuits each may be added giving a total of 8 contacts per operator.
  • Note: The first two contacts must be ordered in operator base.
  • A600 (7,200 VA Make and 720 VA Break), 600V AC Max. / Max. Continuous Thermal Current, Ith: 10A.
  • P300 (138 VA Make and 130 VA Break), 250V DC Max. / Max. Continuous Thermal Current, Ith: 5A.
  • #6 terminal screws with self-lifting captive wire clamps accommodate #22 through two #12 AWG wires per terminal.
  • Polyester construction for superior corrosion resistance, moisture rejection and electrical insulation.

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1 Contact Block Configuration: