Pilot Devices : 22mm NEMA : Push Buttons : Momentary, Non-Illuminated

Our 22mm NEMA momentary non-illuminated push buttons are durable and flexible for a variety of uses. Manufactured with heavy-duty polyester construction for superior durability, corrosion resistance, moisture rejection and electrical insulation. Operators conveniently mount in a round 7/8 inch hole that is directly interchangeable with competitors units and eliminates the labor required for notching. All c3controls 22mm NEMA operators are UL Listed and are rated Type 4/4X as standard for watertight and corrosion resistance. In addition, operators are also listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 12 and 13, and meet global standards requirements.

Product Features

  • Compact, thin design comes with up to two integral circuits for field wiring.
  • Modular design provides endless options for appropriate operator interface with a variety of interchangeable cap types and colors.
  • Optional octagonal polyester or polished aluminum clamp rings.
  • Rubber boots, available in Neoprene, protect operators and the circuits behind them from harsh chemicals and climates. They come with a built-in clamp ring and thrust washer. Note: When installing operator, we recommend that the thrust washer be placed behind the panel to prevent rotation.
  • Our revolutionary U-Cup seal is infused with a Teflon coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions, and acts like a squeegee forming a permanent watertight seal that meets Type 4/4X with our without a rubber boot.
  • All frictional parts are molded with an internal self-lubricant to provide outstanding wear without troublesome greases used by others.
  • “Add-On” contact blocks are available to add to basic operators to increase the number and type of contacts. Up to 3 blocks with 2 circuits each may be added, giving a total of 8 contacts per operator.
  • Contact Block Ratings: A600 (7,200VA Make/720VA Break), 600VAC Max. / Max. Continuous Thermal Current, Ith: 10A. P300 (138VA Make/130VA Break), 250VDC Max. / Max. Continuous Thermal Current, Ith: 5A.

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