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Our single-turn potentiometer operators utilize standard 2 watt potentiometers with 1/4 inch bushing and 7/8 inch long slotted shafts. A 5/64 inch allen wrench is required for installation. Operators conveniently mount in a round 1-13/64 inch hole that is directly interchangeable with competitors units and eliminates the labor required for notching. All c3controls 30mm operators are UL Listed and are rated Type 4/4X as standard. In addition, operators are also listed for Type 1, 2, 3, 3R, 12 and 13, and meet global standards requirements. CSA File # LR 47446-9.

Product Features

  • Standard 2 watt potentiometer with resistance range options from 1k to 10k. Special order values are available, consult factory.
  • Three point terminal block and hardware.
  • Terminal block kit may be ordered separately or installed and wired at the factory to the potentiometer operator.
  • Optional polyester or polished aluminum clamp rings.
  • #6 terminal screws with self-lifting captive wire clamps accommodate #22 through two #12 AWG wires (0.5-4mm2) per terminal.
  • All frictional parts are molded with an internal self-lubricant to provide outstanding wear without troublesome greases used by others.
  • Our revolutionary U-Cup seal is infused with a Teflon coating to eliminate cracking when exposed to harsh conditions.
  • Manufactured with industrial grade plastics for strength and less weight, the tough polyester construction provides electrical insulation, resists corrosion, and rejects moisture.

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