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Product Features

  • Circuit Bridges – internal, insulated to electrically connect multiple terminal blocks. Come pre-assembled and are available in 2-, 3-, 4-, & 10-position.
  • DIN Rail – 35mm symmetrical available in steel and aluminum. Our steel DIN rail is zinc with clear chromate plated and is available in either 1m or 2m. The aluminum version is available in 1m. Each simply fasten by screws to the mounting surface – no special brackets or hardware are needed. Terminal blocks easily snap-on to rail.
  • DIN Rail Support Bracket – angled bracket raises DIN rail off of mounting panel for easier more convenient wiring of terminal blocks.
  • End Barriers – retain the terminal blocks on the mounting rail.
  • End Plates – enclose the open side of the last terminal block in a rail assembly to provide isolation from adjacent equipment and circuits. May also be used as a separator to divide circuits in a terminal block rail assembly.
  • Group Markers & Group Marker Holders – are used to identify an assembly of adjacent terminals that are associated with a specific function, control circuit, or part of a machine.
  • Markers – can be oriented in horizontal and vertical positions and printed in uppercase and lowercase styles.

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