Terminal Blocks : IEC Spring Clamp Connection : Miniature Panel Mount

The miniature modular panel mounting spring clamp terminals ensure extremely compact wiring.

Product Features

  • Standard grey thermoplastic housing available in 5mm or 10mm and rated 20A.
  • The terminals are “add-on” and can be stacked to form multi-pole assemblies.
  • The stacked assemblies are fitted with end plates on both ends for easy installation on to the panel.
  • For larger assemblies, additional end plates must be mounted after every 20th terminal block for rigidity of the assembly.
  • Available in single-circuit & single-circuit, multi-conductor for multiple wire connections.
  • WTB2S-MW2-22 features two termination points on each side. The terminal eliminates conventional cross connections, looping wires and reliability problems encountered when connecting two wires in one clamp.
  • Convenient top wiring – the spring clamp is opened with commonly available screwdrivers, enabling the conductor to be easily inserted in the opening of the spring clamp.
  • Our zinc and electroplated clamping yokes and current bars provide superior conductivity, superb corrosion resistance in normal and hazardous environments, and in conjunction with the stainless steel spring clamp are vibration resistant.
  • Pre-loaded 302 stainless steel spring clamps hold the wire securely against the current bar, and won’t loosen, even in high vibration applications.
  • Internal jumpers (circuit bridges) are available for adjacent and alternate terminal blocks, which frees up valuable wiring space and reduces assembly time.
  • Accepts wires as small as 0.5mm2 (22 AWG) and as large as 10mm2 (8 AWG), up to 50 amperes.
  • Marking system allows for fast and easy circuit identification. Blank, custom, and standard markers are available.

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