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Product Features

  • 2-Point Jumper Strap – can be used with 25A terminal blocks.
  • DIN Rail – 35mm symmetrical available in steel and aluminum. Our steel DIN rail is zinc with clear chromate plated and is available in either 1m (3.23ft.) or 2m (6.56ft.). The aluminum version is available in 1m (3.28ft.). Each simply fasten by screws to the mounting surface – no special brackets or hardware are needed. Terminal blocks easily snap-on to rail.
  • End Barriers – act as both the end barrier for the last terminal block on the assembly and retains the blocks on the mounting rail.
  • Marketing Strips – come “Blank” in sheets of 100 (10 rows of 10 columns). These marking strips can be custom printed to meet your applications, consult factory for details. Note: Custom marking strips are not available for guaranteed same-day shipping.

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