c3controls vs the Competition

c3controls Series 1100 MCBs are packed with leading features — like a 277 VAC rating all the way to 63 amps. (Yes - even in our D curve rating!) | 10kA interrupt rating | UL 489 & UL 1077 versions | Full range of AC and DC application ratings. Oh, and did we mention our lifetime warranty?

MCB Quick Competitive Analysis

To save you time, we have done a quick competitive analysis of c3controls Series 1100 Miniature Circuit Breakers.

c3 vs. Gladiator Comparison

c3controls' Series 1100 Miniature Circuit Breakers are the perfect direct alternative for the AD Gladiator Series Miniature Circuit Breakers. Our UL489 circuit breakers and UL1077 supplementary protectors are better and fully interchangeable in form, fit and function.

Click here to see how c3controls matches up!

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