16mm Accessories

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Product Features

  • Legend plates available in a variety of styles and colors. Special and custom engraving also available
  • Replacement lamp options in Incandescent, LED and Neon
  • IP20 terminal guard to protect against accidental contact with live parts
  • Clamp ring wrench to tighten and loosen clamp rings without scratching your panel
  • Lamp removal tool for easy removal of lamps

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Range of Accessories

Clamp Ring Wrench

To simplify tightening and loosening of standard clamp rings. Won’t scratch your lens or panel.

IP20 Terminal Guard

Our IP20 terminal guard protects against accidental contact with live parts and can be ordered separately as an accessory or factory installed providing the convenience of a single catalog number. Note: For convenient terminal marking our Series WTB2 markers can be used.

Lamp Removal Tool

Used to facilitate the removal of lamps.

Replacement Lamps

  • Miniature bayonet base lamps to provide reliable lamp secureness.
  • Multiple voltage options in Incandescent, LED, and Neon lamps.
  • LED lamps feature built-in leakage protection.
  • LED voltage tolerance is +/- 10%.
  • Incandescent lamps available in clear and clear flashing. Note: There may be a 5-15 second delay before flashing begins.

Legend Plates

  • 2-ply laminated plastic, laser engraved for a permanent and quality appearance.
  • 4 lines of text with approx. 7 characters per line.
  • Uppercase is standard unless specified.
  • Special and custom engraving up to 12 x 24 inches, consult factory. Note: Special and custom legend plates are not available for same-day shipping.