16mm Pilot Lights

Superior Visibility for all Applications

16mm Pilot Lights starting at only $28.62! Configure below.

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Product Features

  • Full voltage, resistor, and multi-voltage light units in a wide range of voltages.
  • Light units come in various lens color options.
  • LED voltage tolerance is +/- 10%.
  • Front panel mounting for simple installation and lamp replacement.
  • Premium engineered thermoplastics keep the light units running cool while providing extreme light intensity versus competitor units that run hot and produce high heat.

Top 5 Best Sellers

  1. Resistor, 125VAC/DC, Red LED & Lens
    p/n: MRL125DLR-MPLLRD
  2. Resistor, 125VAC/DC, Green LED & Lens
    p/n: MRL125DLG-MPLLGN
  3. Resistor, 125VAC/DC, Blue LED & Lens
    p/n: MRL125DLB-MPLLBE
  4. Resistor, 125VAC/DC, Amber LED & Lens
    p/n: MRL125DLA-MPLLAR
  5. Resistor, 125VAC/DC, White LED & Lens
    p/n: MRL125DLW-MPLLWE

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Pilot Devices for Indication & Actuation

Pilot devices are mainly used in the commercial or industrial applications where human-to-machine interface is required. Typically used as a part of a system, automated process, or a control panel, these devices provide information on condition and control monitoring of different types of processes, machinery, and equipment.

Efficient and Reliable Control Indication

When you need a space-saving pilot light with plenty of special features and flexibility, look to c3controls. Our 16mm pilot lights are UL Listed, CSA Certified and CE marked making them the perfect complement for your switchgear panel.

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The perfect range of pilot lights to complement your switchgear application

Consider our line of 16mm pilot lights featuring the perfect range of configurations for the OEM. Each light unit designed to perfectly complement your switchgear application.

Indicating Lights

  • Full voltage and resistor units in a wide range of voltages up to 240V AC/DC
  • LED lamps come in a variety of colors with a voltage tolerance of +/- 10%
  • Rugged Lexan™ lenses available in six color options
  • Light units are available in different case depths for easy installation in your control panel

Multi-Voltage Lights

  • Non-relampable construction
  • Wide range of applications from 20V-277V AC or DC
  • LED lamp voltage tolerance is +/- 10%
  • Rugged Lexan™ lenses available in various color options
  • Bi-polar design for easier installation
  • Integrated light circuit protection for predictable failure mode of open circuits and improved reliability
  • Provides electrical leakage protection so they work in all of your applications


  • Legend plates available in a variety of styles and colors. Special and custom engraving also available
  • LED replacement lamps with a voltage tolerance of +/- 10%
  • IP20 terminal guard to protect against accidental contact with live parts
  • Clamp ring wrench to tighten and loosen clamp rings without scratching your panel
  • Lamp removal tool for easy removal of lamps

Electrical Switchgear Protection

World-class in design and delivering on functionality our 16mm pilot lights are engineered to ensure exceptional performance and safety. Compact and available in a wide range of applications, these light units are designed for use in switchgear applications and built to handle even the harshest of environments.


UL Listed, CSA certified and CE marked, our 16mm pilot lights are suitable for use anywhere in the world. The product certifications and electrical ratings are clearly marked on the outside of the light units for easy reference during installation.

Multi-Voltage Modules

Our non-relampable multi-voltage pilot lights are the only US manufactured multi-voltage light in the industry. And we’ve designed the circuit so you can use the light in a wider range of applications, including electronic and coil applications, from 20V to 277V AC or DC without losing light intensity.

Enhanced Safety

Our field-installable IP20 terminal guards are transparent to maintain terminal visibility and they snap securely in place without the use of tools.

Long Lasting

Our reflection technology and state-of-the-art LED lamps improve visibility from all angles, and c3controls’ LED lamps last 100,000 hours―that’s 11.4 years!


All 16mm lights use a miniature bayonet base to provide reliable security for the lamps.

Quality Materials

c3controls selects the highest quality raw materials to ensure our products outlast the competition, including Lexan™ plastic for our lenses―improving visibility and resistance to high impact for reliable performance, even in high ambient temperatures.

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