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  • A wide range of accessories from contact blocks, clamp ring wrenches, lock-off attachment, and more... a nice complement to our line of 22mm NEMA Pilot Devices

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Range of Accessories

Add-On Contact Blocks

Our "Add-On" Contact Blocks can be added to basic operators to increase the number and type of contacts. Up to three blocks with two circuits each may be added giving a total of eight contacts per operator. Blocks simply screw on the back of the operator. Note: The first two contacts must be ordered in operator base.

Clamp Ring Wrenches

Clamp Ring Wrenches simplify tightening and loosening of standard polyester octagonal clamp rings. Won’t scratch your lens or panel. Available in 2 styles: Mushroom Wrench (22CRWM) is for use with 22mm NEMA mushroom operators and lever selector switches, and our Standard Wrench (22CRW) is for use with all other 22mm NEMA operators.

Hole Plugs

Use to close and seal unused 7/8" (22.5mm) panel holes. Manufactured with integral "O" ring seal molded on both sides to provide a Type 4X rating.

Lamp Removal Tool

The Lamp Removal Tool is used to facilitate the removal of lamps particularly in illuminated push buttons and push-to-test operators.

Lock Off Attachment

Our lock off attachment permits padlocking most 22mm NEMA operators.

Panel Gasket

Our panel gaskets are constructed of Neoprene for long life and low compression set and provide a watertight seal. Panel gaskets are supplied to accomodate different panel thickness. In order to meet Type 4/4X requirements, at least one gasket must be used. Note: All 22mm NEMA c3 pilot devices come standard with five gaskets.

Thrust & Trim Washers

Thrust & Trim Washers are used for mounting contact blocks in the horizontal position. Note: Trim washer is not necessary when using a legend plate.

Replacement Lamps

  • Miniature bayonet base lamps to provide reliable lamp secureness.
  • Multiple voltage options in Incandescent, LED, and Neon lamps.
  • LED lamps feature built-in leakage protection.
  • LED voltage tolerance is +/- 10%.
  • Incandescent lamps available in clear and clear flashing. Note: There may be a 5-15 second delay before flashing begins.

Legend Plates

  • 2-ply laminated plastic, laser engraved for a permanent and quality appearance.
  • 4 lines of text with approx. 7 characters per line.
  • Uppercase is standard unless specified.
  • Special and custom engraving up to 12 x 24 inches, consult factory. Note: Special and custom legend plates are not available for same-day shipping.

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