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Product Features

  • Quick and simple installation as the product is prepackaged and the main breaker/switch has access outside the enclosure.
  • The transformer has multiple windings that divides the output power to individual outputs, each with 100VA of an available power provided by a 4 ampere circuit breaker and LED indicator.
  • Entire assembly comes enclosed in a metal enclosure designed and tested for ensuring operation in extreme temperatures, to keep your application running.
  • Our product certifications and electrical ratings are clearly marked on the outside of the enclosure for easy reference during installation.
  • Also available at alpscontrols.com

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Providing reliable 24VAC power to HVAC controllers in VAV (variable air volume) systems.

c3controls’ Series EPS (Enclosed Power Supplies) offer a convenient construction consisting of one to two transformers varying in size to provide one to five 24VAC 100VA Class 2 outputs housed within a single metal enclosure. Additionally, these enclosed power supplies provide on/off control, power indication, equipment overcurrent protection, as well as options for voltage separation compartments and convenience receptacle outlets. These versatile products are UL 916 listed ensuring safety and easy acceptance in your application.


Our Series EPS Enclosed Power Supplies are UL 916 Listed to meet global standards requirements and are compliant with RoHS directives.

Availability of Accessories

Each rated enclosed power supply has an option to an accessory outlet available for convenient access to the power receptacle.

Innovative Design/Controlled & Secure Outputs

The transformer steps down the input voltage to 24VAC at the output. Each 24VAC output has its own circuit breaker and ON/OFF switch to control specific outputs.


Ultra-compact design to save valuable space.

Enclosure Features

The enclosure of S300 and S500 have optional separation between high and low voltage. The two separate compartments have different removable covers to access high and low voltage compartments and each being fastened by its own hardware.

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