Teemark Corporation (Aitkin, MN) is an OEM specializing in drum and can crushing equipment for the recycling industry, as well as D&E ladles for the foundry industry.

Industry Leader Crushing Waste & Cleaning the World

In an environmentally alert society, companies who produce hazardous waste are looking for disposal machines that are tried and true, and backed by a customer-oriented manufacturer. TeeMark Corporation has been providing industrial ladles and hazardous waste disposal solutions since 1987, and their customer focus, quick turn-around, and flexible customization have created a reputation as a global leader in the recycling and foundry industries.

TeeMark has a unique history—forming out of a foundry consulting business and first going by the name “Fabtech” in 1987, their primary focus was on the manufacturing of foundry ladles. The company expanded to include drum crusher and packer equipment in 1989, and again in 1992 to include paint and aerosol can crushers. The two divisions merged in 1993 when the company moved to its current home in Minnesota and changed its name to “TeeMark Corporation.” Despite all of the changes over the past 25 years, TeeMark has maintained its reputation as a leader and has continued to grow.

As a trusted brand, TeeMark is committed to a high level of quality and performance, and they look for suppliers whose standards are in alignment with their own. After evaluating a few suppliers of industrial electrical controls, TeeMark discovered c3controls, a company who operates at the same standard of excellence, and saw immediate benefits from their line of motor control products.

“Being able to order assembled motor starters directly from c3controls, using only one product number, has been more convenient and cost effective than the individual components we used before from Allen Bradley – and the product quality is just as good.” – Larry Fontaine, EE Design/Purchasing at TeeMark

TeeMark has been utilizing c3controls’ products since 2008, and they have been able to keep their same level of quality while cutting costs and ultimately gaining more control over their entire business. But for Fontaine and the other employees at TeeMark, they don’t just need good products; they need a supplier that they can partner with and receive support from when they need it.

“Rockwell’s service reps were never available to speak with when we needed them and would often take a week and a half to return a call. With c3controls a service rep is always there to answer questions or connect me to an engineer if needed.” – Larry Fontaine, EE Design/Purchasing at TeeMark

TeeMark is a company that understands the value of their customers and how best to support them every step of the way. As they grow, they look to continue this relationship with c3controls and benefiting from our Series 630 assembled motor starters. c3controls is glad to be aligned with a business whose vision is parallel to our own, and we look forward to continued growth in both of our companies.