Energy Management Consultants


Energy Management Consultants (Fennimore, WI) designs and installs energy management systems including custom HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration controls for a wide variety of industries.

Commitment to efficiency is the key to Energy Management Consultants’ (EMC) success. Due to the overwhelming size of warehouses, retail outlets, and superstores, businesses are always looking for new ways to enhance their operating efficiency and lower energy costs. Even small improvements in energy management can have exceptionally positive effects on the bottom line, and EMC delivers the most sophisticated energy management solutions available.

Energy Management Consultants

With more than 30 years’ experience integrating custom lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration controls, the staff at EMC has an unparalleled level of expertise in the development of energy management software and controls. Through their comprehensive 360 approach to evaluating the unique needs of each business they work with, their customers are operating more economically to control overhead costs and improving the overall comfort of their working environments.

EMC’s position as the leading provider of energy management solutions is further exemplified by the world-class firms they work with, including one of the two largest retailers in the United States-Target. At any given time, EMC is retrofitting or providing new systems for up to 100 Target locations, and EMC always meets their deadlines. “What separates us from other panel shops is that we meet deadlines for much larger projects on a much larger scale,” says Kenney. In 2012 alone, Jason and the EMC team will provide the control panels for walk in coolers, freezers, and refrigeration systems to 300 Target locations, each with its own unique system and set of requirements.

Developing both the customized hardware and software to maximize energy efficiency for the largest global brands requires a great deal of collaboration. “When we evaluate suppliers, we’re looking for partners who can keep up with our demanding delivery schedule and who are committed to developing new and innovative ideas that will help us improve our own products in the future,” Kenney adds.

EMC began doing business with c3controls because they needed to place large orders that distributors and other vendors couldn’t handle without delaying shipment. “We manufactured a few high-volume, fast turnaround products for our nationwide retailers and supermarket customers that required receiving thousands of terminal blocks in a short timeframe.” states EMC’s control systems technical sales agent, Pete Adam. By providing factory-direct availability and guaranteed same-day shipping, as well as free shipping on volume orders over certain amounts, the staff at EMC has peace-of-mind knowing the products they order from c3controls will always be delivered on schedule. “We’ve never had any issues getting the supply we needed to meet our deadlines. c3controls always delivers in a timely fashion.” says Kenney enthusiastically.

“We consider c3controls a top vendor and look to them first for all our standard control needs. Over time, as new products are developed and prototypes are changed, their products will be incorporated into them. For over 10 years, c3controls has given us the best mix of value, product selection, and lead times.” – Pete Adam, Technical Sales Agent

“Strong partnerships, like the one we have developed with EMC, are a result of our commitment to excellence in the products we manufacture, and the service we provide,” says c3controls’ President, Geoff Taylor. “By consistently meeting EMC’s needs we have earned their trust and have enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate as each of us grow.” EMC’s leadership position is a byproduct of their unwavering commitment to completely servicing their customers’ needs. EMC’s capable team, in combination with a small number of select suppliers, consistently delivers innovative solutions that include products to satisfy the highest standards and performance.

Since 2002, c3controls has been proud to be a preferred supplier of EMC and their customers supplying high quality, dependable products like the Series 300 IEC Contactors, Series 320 IEC Overload Relays, and Series TB IEC Terminal Blocks.