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Georgia Baler & Compactor has one mission — Complete customer satisfaction.

Georgia Baler & Compactor, a family owned and operated company since 1982, represents the finest manufacturers of balers, compactors, shredders and waste equipment in the industry. Since beginning as a home-based business, the company has grown steadily — and now, under the second generation management, has 35+ employees. Their list of customers is long, varied and extends across the entire nation. A leader in the waste and recycling industry, they offer customers sales and service of a wide variety of waste and recycling equipment — and a commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

Georgia Baler offers factory trained technicians and a fleet of service trucks that are equipped to handle all local and national service calls for on-site repairs, installations and equipment removal. The company offers a Preventive Maintenance Program that can be custom fit to suit all of your needs and help your bottom line. In addition, Georgia Baler offers decades of experience working with customers to expertly refurbish existing equipment — earning a strong reputation as the place to call when considering the remanufacturing of current equipment.

Georgia Baler & Compactor Waste Equipment Specialists / Sales & Service Support

Georgia Baler & Compactor specializes in waste and recycling equipment for a wide variety of customers across the United States. The company sells and distributes equipment from top manufacturers of waste equipment in the industry — providing balers, compactors and shredders of all types and sizes to fit their customer’s needs. In addition, they sell a complete line of other waste equipment including, conveyors, densifiers, lift trucks and hand trucks.

Georgia Baler’s factory trained technicians are always available to handle local service calls. Their in-house technicians are sent throughout the US to assist customers with installations, equipment removal and on-site repairs.

Many equipment breakdown issues are the result of routine maintenance that often goes unattended. Since those minimal preventive maintenance procedures can save costly downtime, the company offers a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program.

From its inception, Georgia Baler has worked with customers to rebuild outdated equipment to extend its working life and meet changing standards. They have earned a reputation as being among the best for remanufacturing used equipment.

To expedite service for their customers, Georgia Baler maintains parts for all brands of equipment. Their large inventory of parts for balers, compactors and roll-off trucks will fit all of your needs. They also stock refurbished parts for those hard-to-find items — and, upon request, will rebuild worn cylinders and motors. They also receive and ship waste and recycling industry parts out on a daily basis.

A business relationship and partnership for over 14 years

Mike McDaniel, second generation owner and CEO of Georgia Baler, recalls that his father, Mack McDaniel, started the business out of their house. Today Georgia Baler & Container has grown to more than thirty-five employees and serves an extensive customer base that is spread across the U.S. — specializing in waste and recycling equipment and systems.

Georgia Balers’ first impression of c3controls was a good one. They found the c3 people extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products they manufacture. After an initial conversation, c3 sent product samples to Georgia Baler for testing with their applications. That cemented their relationship in 2006 — and c3 has remained a valuable resource now for over 14 years.

"We're pleased to have a partnership with c3 — and we really feel like it is a partnership, because of the customer first approach." — Mike McDaniel, CEO

c3 provides controls that meet the needs of tough environments

The waste and recycling industry operates in harsh environments that is extremely rough on equipment and electronic devices. Many of the control products they purchased were not surviving in those adverse conditions. Georgia Baler found the c3controls products to be better designed and much sturdier than even the national brand controls they were using.

Mike referred to a specific example saying, “The c3 E-stop contains a large amount of brass, not plastic — and holds up better than anything we’ve used before.” Georgia Baler chooses c3controls products for both form and function — because the products perform well and are robust enough to withstand the unfriendly environment that exists around every panel box installation.

Georgia Baler uses the E-stop in installations for customers all across the US, including exceptionally large retailers — so, their equipment is installed at a wide variety of locations in all climates. Even competitors have asked what brand of E-stop and other components are used in their equipment — and that tells them that they’re providing the right controls for the job.

"If your competitors are asking where you're getting your control products, you know that you're providing the right controls for the job." — Mike McDaniel, CEO

Choosing c3 proved to be a good purchasing decision

Georgia Baler is currently using c3controls miniature circuit breakers, pilot devices, contactors, overload relays, starters, general-purpose relays, terminal blocks, and wire duct. Mike says that their purchasing experience and the ongoing communications with c3controls has been excellent. They are consistently kept informed regarding delivery for all back ordered parts — and know that c3 will fill those orders quickly and efficiently. In the rare instance that a product is out of stock, c3 is often able to find a different product as a solution to the company’s need.

The company has had an occasional damaged control returned by a customer for replacement — but with c3controls’ Lifetime Warranty the issue was quickly resolved. Regardless if the damage occurs at the customer’s facility or not, with the Lifetime Warranty c3controls never fails to replace parts promptly at no cost. Georgia Baler says with a 99% success rate, they are a happy customer and will continue to grow with c3controls.

Georgia Baler enjoys c3's value added benefits

The manufacturer direct relationship that Georgia Baler has with c3 is something the company particularly likes. Georgia Baler doesn’t like the time delay associated with distributors versus dealing directly with c3controls. They know that unlike with other brands, with c3 you don’t have to deal with a middleman. They also like that c3controls includes them in the testing of new products or asks for input when considering the development of a new control.

Georgia Baler thinks the advantage pricing that c3controls offers is a value-added benefit. At c3, it’s always been a customer first approach to business — something that Georgia Baler also strives for. They’re happy to be in a partnership with c3controls — and do really feel like it is a true partnership. Georgia Baler readily agrees that it would highly recommend c3controls to other companies.

The extensive product portfolio offered by c3 has proved to be a valuable advantage, as they use numerous different controls in their panel boxes. Over the course of 14 years of working with c3, they have been impressed by how their product selection has grown. “Over the last several years they’ve added quite a bit to their portfolio, which has helped us streamline our purchasing,” Mike stated. “I would say that c3 is a one stop solution for anyone’s control needs.”

"Georgia Baler likes that c3 includes them in the testing of new products - and often asks for input when developing a new control." — Mike McDaniel, CEO

Thanks to Georgia Baler & Compactor

Many thanks to Mike McDaniel, Owner and CEO of Georgia Baler & Compactor, for taking the time to discuss his experience regarding the culture and quality products offered by c3controls.

His testimonial about his buying experiences as a customer of c3controls serves as positive feedback for c3controls’ mission to make it ridiculously easy for customers to receive premium performance without the premium price.

If you’d like to know more about Georgia Baler & Compactor, contact Mike McDaniel at or visit their website at


Handling Customer Concerns

Quality at c3controls includes our comprehensive follow-up service after the sale. In order to respond promptly to customers, c3controls has a quality process in place which includes immediate return and replacement of the product to keep our customers’ production up and running — as well as a comprehensive review of the product application to determine if the perceived issue is only present under certain conditions.

The goal of the quality process is to identify what specific issues the customer is experiencing with the product — including determining problems that are application specific and to prevent those issues from reoccurring in the future.

Advantage Pricing

We have complete control over our engineering and manufacturing processes, maintain lower overhead costs than our competitors, and offer our factory-direct business model. We offer customers a buying partnership that can save them up to 40% — and has helped our customers improve profitability and cash flow for more than 44 years.

Same-Day Shipping

At c3controls, we know how important it is to get your orders on time, every time. That’s why we offer Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping on any order for standard catalog items received by 6:00pm ET. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get what they need, when they need it. A promise that we know can help you reduce inventory and save money.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

While other companies claim to offer the highest quality products on the market, at c3controls we guarantee it. We can ensure high quality because we have total control over every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing processes.

Quality that meets your exact requirements

Using our decades of experience, c3controls continues to expand our culture of ‘quality’ to design products that meet our customers’ challenges of today and tomorrow.

c3controls produces durable, well-designed electrical control products that meet global standards for quality and safety — and perform reliably even in the most punishing environments. Ranging from power and actuation to control logic to human machine interface to wiring/cable duct — c3controls offers products that perform the essential control functions that are at the heart of nearly every electrically operated machine and equipment.

For further details on our world-class products, call us today at 724.775.7926 or visit us at