Powell has one mission! Helping companies solve their energy distribution problems.

The mission at Powell is to solve our customers’ toughest problems. We accomplish this through in-depth technical expertise and a narrow focus on our markets and the solutions we drive to those markets. For more than six decades, our core values have driven our progress as we place customers first, recognize that our employees are what make us great, maintain the “can-do” spirit for which we are known and strive to improve our performance.

We are in the project business and offer custom-engineered solutions for industry users and distributors of large amounts of electrical energy. Compared to our peers, we deliver the highest value to our customers by producing products and systems that function with the highest degree of safety while providing the ultimate in efficient operation and design. It is not surprising that we have many repeat customers and long-standing relationships. We like to be considered more of a partner than a supplier.

Powell - Custom Engineered Solutions for Distribution of Large Amounts of Electric Energy

Powell builds complete Power Control Rooms (PCR®) for a wide variety of industries to solve their customers’ toughest problems. When Powell introduced the PCR® concept in 1968, it was an industry first.

Powell’s control rooms are fabricated using galvanized steel as a standard — but for specific applications, aluminum or stainless steel can be utilized. The company designs, engineers and builds the custom switchgear for medium voltage or low voltage level motor controls for use inside the control rooms. Powell also builds and ships stand-alone switchgear and motor control for installation in site-erected buildings.

The completed Power Control Rooms are then shipped out by truck to locations where they are then installed on the foundation. For control rooms that are too large for trucks, Powell’s off shore division loads them onto barges for shipping. It is a unique complete package process that only Powell provides to their customers.

Powell design and construction excellence has defined the standard for others to follow. Over 50 years later, Powell’s Power Control Rooms still set the benchmark for reliability and performance. In addition to the original Powell facility opened in Texas in 1947, the manufacturing concept has been duplicated at divisions in Ohio and Canada. In addition, a second facility in Texas was built to house an additional switchgear line and apparatus manufacturing that builds interface controls. Research/development and service departments are also housed in that Powell facility.

Over two decades of supplying quality electrical controls

Kevin Ford, an Engineering Supervisor for Powell, works with a group of engineers who design, engineer and build custom medium voltage or low voltage level motor controls switchgear for customers who are industry users and distributors of large amounts of electrical energy.

He has been a part of Powell for 20 years — and described the company as just the right size to provide customers the kind of complete solutions they need. Powell has been utilizing c3controls products for more than 20 years.

"I am glad to have c3controls as a partner, because I know that c3 stands ready to help us meet the needs of our customers with the quality of products and the lead times we need."

Powell sees c3controls as the answer to a major problem

When Kevin joined Powell as part of a large engineering department, the engineers were divided into multiple groups. Each group ordered their own parts from various vendors. Kevin recognized this practice was a major problem because one group would use one brand of push buttons and switches and other groups would order those same devices from a different source. As a result, a variety of brands were stocked at Powell.

Powell’s customers are all different — and certain engineering groups would be assigned repeat jobs for the same customer because that group understood what that customer required. Many times, customers’ original switchgear order would be built with one brand of devices and the repeat order would be built with a different brand. That resulted in dissatisfied customers because they preferred their equipment to be consistent.

Kevin researched all 30mm devices on the market in order to offer the best possible choice to their customers. He reviewed all the suppliers in the industry, including the major players. His research resulted in the determination that c3controls were better and more flexible than other options.

"I took on the challenge of finding the best 30mm devices on the market to use for our customers — and determined that c3controls designs were better and more flexible than the competition."

Modular design from c3controls speeds production

Powell originally began purchasing the c3controls 16mm lights in the mid 90s as a replacement for older LED technology that would not last or get too hot. The success of this application over more than two decades of production cemented the decision.

Kevin found that if he ordered a switch or a push button from any of the other companies with two normally open contacts and one normally closed, it required lengthy part numbers and the necessity of continually keeping them in stock. If during the job you needed to add one more contact, you had to order using a completely different part number. The innovative modular design of c3 products offers the use of red contact blocks for normally open contacts and green contact blocks for normally closed contacts. This means that Powell can order those blocks and keep them in stock — ready to incorporate into their designs.

With the c3 blocks in stock, Powell engineers can build according to the original drawing. If the customer makes a change that requires an additional contact, they have both red and green contact blocks in stock and can just snap it on and complete the job. This gave Powell a great opportunity to consolidate their purchasing and be consistent in their offering to customers.

"We're using every c3controls product that meets our customer's needs — and if c3 designs more controls that we can use, we will use them as well."

Competitive cost, simplicity of ordering and flexibility make c3controls the right choice

The c3 modular contact blocks have made assembly considerably easier — with no need for a screwdriver to add a 30mm contact block on the c3 device as it just snaps on. The ability to make changes on the floor quickly — along with competitive cost and simplicity of ordering has made c3 the right choice.

Other products Powell uses from c3 include pushbutton test light, 30mm pushbuttons and switches, and mushroom type stop buttons.

"Some companies have the customers' priorities in mind and c3 is that kind of company. Their devotion to their core business has proved to be strong reason to purchase from them."

Powell challenges c3controls to design custom HDTB terminal block

Powell needed a HDTB (High Density Terminal Block) that had features suitable for use with their switchgear applications. No other company offered a block with the features they required — so Powell challenged c3controls to use their innovation to design and develop an HDTB that would fulfill those unique specifications.

Powell engineers compiled a list of custom features that included 600 volt, 30 amp, special compact size and mounting hole configuration, din rail mountable, captured screws, integral built-in cover, and more. The challenge was met with a c3 design that covered all of Powell’s needs and has since become the standard terminal block for their low and medium voltage switchgear lines and MV MCC lines. As a result, Powell has learned to depend on c3controls’ innovation — allowing them to develop products to suit the unique needs they face in their industry.

"Innovation is part of the culture at c3controls. They did a great job in developing the HDTB for us. Now we are using that terminal block as the standard for our medium voltage and low voltage switchgears — as well as our medium voltage motor control products."

Powell sees their buying relationship with c3controls as positive

Powell confirms that they have been consistently satisfied with the service and support c3 has given them during their business relationship. Even with their extremely high usage of c3 products, issues have rarely occurred — and, in those few instances, c3 has immediately responded with a solution.

Powell purchases c3 products through a distributor in Houston, but has always maintained a direct relationship with the company. Powell knows they can contact c3 directly and get a prompt response. This has proved to be a big advantage because c3 will come to their facility and work directly with them to solve any challenges they face. Powell feels c3 always has the customers’ priorities in mind — and their devotion to their core business has proved to be strong reason to purchase from them.

The extensive c3 product portfolio was of great interest to Powell when they decided to incorporate them into their equipment — not to mention their extremely competitive pricing. Powell often takes advantage of the same-day shipping offered by c3 when the need arises — and their Lifetime Warranty has increased their own customer satisfaction. They are already committed to using every c3 control that fits into their switchgear — and confirm that if c3 develops more controls that fit their criteria they will use them as well.

"Our direct relationship with c3controls is a big advantage because c3 will come to our facility and work directly with us to solve any challenges we may face."

Thanks to Powell

Many thanks to Kevin Ford, Engineering Supervisor at Powell, for taking the time to discuss his experience regarding the culture and quality products offered by c3controls.

His testimonial about his buying experiences as a customer of c3controls’ serves as positive feedback for c3controls mission to make it ridiculously easy for customers to receive premium performance without the premium price. If you’d like to know more about Powell’s complete line of products and services, visit their website at www.powellind.com.


Handling Customer Concerns

Quality at c3controls includes our comprehensive follow-up service after the sale. In order to respond promptly to customers, c3controls has a quality process in place which includes immediate return and replacement of the product to keep our customers’ production up and running — as well as a comprehensive review of the product application to determine if the perceived issue is only present under certain conditions.

The goal of the quality process is to identify what specific issues the customer is experiencing with the product — including determining problems that are application specific and to prevent those issues from reoccurring in the future.

Advantage Pricing

We have complete control over our engineering and manufacturing processes, maintain lower overhead costs than our competitors, and offer our factory-direct business model. We offer customers a buying partnership that can save them up to 40% — and has helped our customers improve profitability and cash flow for more than 44 years.

Same-Day Shipping

At c3controls, we know how important it is to get your orders on time, every time. That’s why we offer Guaranteed Same-Day Shipping on any order for standard catalog items received by 6:00pm ET. Our customers enjoy peace of mind knowing they will get what they need, when they need it. A promise that we know can help you reduce inventory and save money.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

While other companies claim to offer the highest quality products on the market, at c3controls we guarantee it. We can ensure high quality because we have total control over every aspect of the engineering and manufacturing processes.

Quality that meets your exact requirements

Using our decades of experience, c3controls continues to expand our culture of ‘quality’ to design products that meet our customers’ challenges of today and tomorrow.

c3controls produces durable, well-designed electrical control products that meet global standards for quality and safety — and perform reliably even in the most punishing environments. Ranging from power and actuation to control logic to human machine interface to wiring/cable duct — c3controls offers products that perform the essential control functions that are at the heart of nearly every electrically operated machine and equipment.

For further details on our world-class products, call us today at 724.775.7926 or visit us at www.c3controls.com.