Control Panel Choices That Protect Your Biggest Investments

Machinery and human resources are our biggest investments. Whether you’re an executive, an engineer, or both, we understand how important it is to you to protect the people and machines that are the lifeblood of your business.

When it comes to the control panels that govern the operation of machines and processes, it is critical that each component can be relied upon to optimize safety and performance. Of course, protecting your team also involves operating a productive and successful business that continues to provide jobs and attract talent, so choosing products you can rely on for efficiency is also an important part of protecting your investments.

Choosing the most reliable products for your electrical control panels starts with identifying and understanding your needs, which are based on a range of important considerations from environmental conditions and current ratings to applications and certifications. For example, if your control panel must be built to UL508A standards, that will present certain needs and requirements. And, of course, your selection process must also consider productivity and cost. Though there may be a number of criteria for savvy product selection, it all comes down to reliability, which is non-negotiable for your control panels.

At c3controls, we design, manufacture, test, ship, and service our own products, and therefore have an extraordinary ability to guarantee the reliability of our control panel products as well as every other product we make.

Let’s look at some of c3controls’ offerings within five key function areas of a control panel. Use the links to access each item’s Product Showcase page, which will provide a comprehensive view of the product features, benefits, and options. You’ll see how the products align with your needs.

  1. Disconnecting & Circuit Protection
    Non-Fused Disconnect Switches
  2. Pilot Devices & Signaling
    22mm IEC Pilot Lights & Push Buttons
  3. Motor Control

    Motor Protection Circuit Breakers
  4. Control Logic
    Smart Programmable Relays
    General Purpose Relays
  5. Wiring Management

    Wiring/Cable Duct

Next, let’s look at the core areas of reliability we all need to consider when making product choices. As seen on the Product Showcase pages, c3controls product features and benefits deliver in each of these areas.

Safety & Compliance

A reliable product will go far to ensure safety for your team and your machinery, as well as to create a smooth approval and marketing process. A good choice will always involve making sure the product meets global standards for quality and safety. Key standards include UL, CSA and IEC for products and NFPA, CSA, and IEC for installation. Compliance also speaks to the product design, fabrication, performance and competency, and creates trust in your end product.


A reliable product will also provide durability. Construction, material, and testing play large roles in delivering a product with optimal performance and life even when utilized within demanding applications and varying environments. In addition to knowing your applications of the product, you may also need to consider whether the product will be exposed to and able to withstand moisture, extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals and contaminants, noise, and vibration.


A reliable product will be well-crafted yet efficient in design as a result of excellent and innovative engineering and product development. While delivering optimum performance, an efficient product can also deliver lightweight material and a minimal footprint within your control panel. The benefits can include space and performance optimization, increased productivity, inventory reduction, ease of installation and maintenance, cost savings and improved cash flow. You’ll also want to consider versatility, which creates additional efficiency benefits including multiple applications, range of operation, seamless compatibility, and the sharing capability of common accessories.

Service & Support

A reliable product is backed by a customer-centered warranty, a knowledgeable and responsive support team, and a shipping policy that allows you to get your product when you need it. You’ll want to consider how your partnering supplier stands behind their product.

As you consider your needs for control panel components you can rely on, we invite you to continue utilizing our Product Showcase pages, as well as our online product configurators, to explore the many ways c3controls can provide product that performs, streamlines, and helps to protect your biggest investments.