Boiler Challenges

Boilers are a critical piece of equipment in factories, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, and many other facilities that require heat and/or steam for their processes or the comfort of their occupants. A thermal output of up to 38 MW is possible from a single boiler, which equals the power of about 500 average compact automobiles.

Because of their size and the high pressure generated by heating such high volumes of water, boilers require a stable, robust design and high integrity construction. Operationally, manufacturers and users of boilers have many concerns, including maximizing lifespan, energy efficiency, easy maintenance, compliance with environmental regulations, and safety.

Selecting the appropriate controls for a boiler are critical to ensuring that it operates in the most efficient manner, helping to resist fouling and corrosion, and to reduce costs associated with energy-use, maintenance, downtime, and catastrophic failures. For optimal efficiency, some operators find it beneficial to run more boilers at less than peak load, rather than fewer boilers running consistently at or near capacity.

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