Industrial Burner Challenges

A wide variety of industrial burners are on the market today, distinguished by the method they use to produce the flame and the fuel that they burn. The combustion provided by industrial burners is used to supply thermal energy for heat transfer in a range of process applications, including fluid heating, steam generation, distillation, endothermic chemical reactions, and metal melting.

The newest burner technologies developed by leading manufacturers easily meet the more stringent emissions requirements in force today, while reducing fuel usage, increasing production, improving reliability, limiting maintenance, and reducing dross formation.

A critical feature of a burner is to control the flame and heat release pattern to the set-points required for a specific operation. With the proper combustion controls, a well-designed burner, appropriately matched to a heat processing application, will provide a stable flame that effectively transfers heat at all process operating points, optimizing all aspects of the burner performance.

How c3controls can help optimize burner performance

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