Generator or Genset Challenges

Portable electric generators, or Gensets, are typically used in remote or extreme commercial, industrial or construction settings without a proximate connection to the power grid, or in situations where a power outage could be highly damaging. Whether they serve as the main or supplemental source of energy, reliable performance and durability are highly important Genset design and engineering criteria.

Diesel- and natural gas-powered Gensets are readily available from leading manufacturers. The common perception is that diesel models provide better response, power and longevity, while natural gas models are more environmentally friendly. With the latest reciprocating engine technology those lines are now blurring, with both diesel- and natural gas-powered Gensets offering great fuel efficiency, low emissions, and superior frequency and voltage stability.

The control panel is the brain of the Genset, monitoring and protecting the unit while providing dependable and ready control in all conditions. It is imperative that Genset manufacturers specify control components that measure up to the most rigorous demands.

How c3controls can help Genset manufacturers design reliable control panels

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